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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Complete Ghost Of Our Love Side Quest

Though SVG's review found "Hogwarts Legacy" underwhelming, especially considering the continued controversy surrounding the "Harry Potter" universe's creator's virulent transphobia (among other issues), the game still has the attention of "Harry Potter" fans eager to explore yet another iteration of their beloved wizarding world. Offering about 35 hours of playtime, the open-world RPG is chock-full of quests, both optional and mandatory, including the intriguing Ghost of Our Love side quest. Though it may not be required to progress in "Hogwarts Legacy," the Ghost of Our Love side quest is definitely worth the extra effort given the prizes it produces. 

Accessing the Ghost of Our Love side quest varies by house, as each house will find the map that triggers the quest through a different avenue. For Gryffindors, the quest involves working with the Headless Hunt in the Hogsmeade Graveyard in the Hunt for the Missing Pages quest. Ravenclaws will find the map working with Ollivander to find his heirloom during the aptly-named Ollivander's Heirloom quest, which leads them to the map's location on the roof of the Owlery. Slytherins will find the map in a chest in the grotto during Scrope's Last Hope quest. Hufflepuffs will find the map through the Prisoner of Love storyline, which is focused on Azkaban.

Clearly, there's a lot to the Ghost of Our Love side quest since starting it requires a good deal of legwork. Though, once players have obtained the map, there are just a few more steps to follow for success, including resulting rewards.

Bring Lumos to the Forbidden Forest

Finishing the Ghost of Our Love side quest is fairly easy upon obtaining the map, as long as gamers have just a few clues to assist an otherwise obscure journey. The map itself provides images of everything players need to know to beat the side quest: A rocky arch, a bridge, some trees, and an illuminated wand.

The trees represent the entrance to the Forbidden Forest where players will fast travel to start the quest. As soon as players arrive, they'll want to make sure it's nighttime by toggling the time on their main game map. At the entrance to the Forbidden Forest is the rocky arch and bridge from the quest's special map. The rocky arch was simply a clue to help players find the forest entrance while the bridge is where they'll want to proceed to move forward in the quest. Gamers should cast the Lumos spell, which will light up previously hidden floating candles that lead to the final destination. All that's left is to walk down the romantic path to the table and chairs set up for what must have been a date spot in another life, given the quest's title.

Next to the date spot is a chest where players can reap their rewards. Upon completion of the Ghost of Our Love side quest, gamers are gifted with 400 Galleons, 180 XP, and a Treasure Seeker's Scarf. All in all, it's worth the extra effort to pursue the Ghost of Our Love quest — and it's a charming chance to explore the open world of "Hogwarts Legacy."