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Team Fortress 2 Is Getting Its Biggest Update In Years

"Team Fortress 2" continues to stay active since its 2007 release, with fans and critics agreeing that the multiplayer first-person shooter is a truly spectacular title (via Metacritic). Though the game is updated regularly, it's about to see a change no one expected. In a blog post, the "Team Fortress 2" team announced the news about what's on the way – and it's bigger than anything the game has seen in some time. As the "Team Fortress 2" team wrote to fans in the announcement blog post, "the last few Team Fortress summer events have only been item updates. But this year, we're planning on shipping a full-on update-sized update — with items, maps, taunts, unusual effects, war paints and who knows what else?!" 

Over the many years the game has been entertaining players, it's stayed fresh thanks to being "constantly updated with new game modes, maps, equipment and, most importantly, hats" (via Steam). In 2017, "Team Fortress 2" even patched a bug that had been present for a full decade. Clearly, the game is dedicated to consistent improvement, yet far from perfect. That reality became especially clear when one of the game's actors spoke out about a bot problem in the title. Valve has responded to fan outcries, but not always as thoroughly as players hope. All that being said, the cat is officially out of the bag about the scale of what's coming to "Team Fortress 2," and it's big. Fan reactions and further details add to the excitement around what's to come.

Team Fortress 2 announces major modder-driven update for Summer 2023

The blog post announcing the massive content update, titled "Attention, Steam Workshop Creators!," specifically addressed Steam Workshop creators and their role in the new content. There's a May 1, 2023 deadline for fans to submit their creations on Steam Workshop for the chance to have them incorporated into the game's summer update. Though the update is unthemed, and information is sparse, it will definitely feature user created content.

For such a beloved game with a 15-year legacy and tens of thousands of players active to this day (via Steam Charts), it's a huge deal that "Team Fortress 2" is continuing to involve fans in the game's evolution, especially on a larger scale than has been done before. "Team Fortress 2" has historically sourced content from modders, and the latest update will be no different.

So far, fan reactions are trending positive, with a plentitude of hyped-up memes showcasing just how thrilled fans are for the upcoming "Team Fortress 2" update. This news is a chance for "Team Fortress 2" to make up for some of its recent mistakes, while continuing to satisfy fan content cravings all while incorporating them into the creative process.