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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Solve The Bridge Puzzle In Viaduct Courtyard

Despite the controversy surrounding "Hogwarts Legacy," hundreds of thousands of people are knee-deep into the Wizarding World and enjoying their return to the magical setting. But not everyone is in love with all aspects of the game. Some critics have called the combat, relationship building, and puzzle solving too simple to make "Hogwarts Legacy" stand out as a truly great title. Generic puzzles present a big problem for some gamers, as easy and obvious solutions don't offer much mental engagement. 


Players will run into many simple puzzles during their "Hogwarts Legacy" experience, but there are a few exceptions that will stump players and offer more of a challenge. A few will likely confound any wizard student on their first attempt — especially impatient players. For example, the bridge puzzle in the Viaduct Courtyard can prove tricky, but the epic loot awarded to the player upon completion makes it worth solving. Here's how to get past the tricky puzzle and get on with wizarding.

Match the Roman numerals with the shapes

The first step in solving the puzzle is to equip a fire spell, with the Incendio spell being a particularly great option. This spell is unlocked after completing Professor Hecat's Assignment 1 quest. Other fire spells also work, but Incendio is the earliest to unlock (via GamerGuides).


In case any player needs a reminder, to get to the puzzle, open the map, select The Great Hall, then Viaduct Courtyard to fast-travel there. From there, players will notice four braziers on the bridge railing with a large unique symbol under each of them. There is also a small Roman numeral on the base of each brazier. This number can be moved around by hitting the Interact button next to it. However, players need to first light the braziers using a fire spell to have them spin. Players must line up the Roman numerals with the corresponding symbols, as showcased by PS5Trophies on YouTube.

The Legend for the puzzle is etched into the cobblestone on the Northwest entrance of the bridge. I – matches up with the triangle with six lines through it. II – matches the two circles with a line through them. III – matches the triangle with the circle with a line through it at the base. And finally, IV – matches with the Rhombus with the x on it.


Once the symbols and numbers have been matched correctly, a hole will open up in the bridge, allowing players access to a Legendary Chest and two standard chests.