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Adin Ross May Be Ready To Jump Ship After Alleged 'Threat' From Twitch

Adin Ross, one of Twitch's most popular streamers, told fans that his channel was in danger yesterday following a threatening phone call. Now, he's officially announced that he's streaming on Kick, the platform backed by Trainwreck. It's unclear if the two incidents are related, but they could be, based on the story that Ross gave his viewers.


"I just wanna say I was silenced and I'm gonna tell you what I was silenced by and what happened," he said in his latest YouTube video. "I had a week's suspension on Twitch. And then when I got unsuspended on Twitch, I streamed maybe two or three times after that."

Ross didn't exactly reveal why he was reprimanded following his latest streams. "I got a call. I'm not gonna say specifically who it was, but you know who you are. And you basically said, hey man, if you keep doing controversial stuff and you keep saying certain things... We're gonna have to take you down indefinitely, " he said.

So Ross found a workaround so that he could abide by his "preach what I want to preach" motto. Here's what else he said.


I'm gonna say what I wanna say

Ross originally shrugged off the attempt to reign him in, even though he was concerned about his future on the platform. He admitted that he didn't feel comfortable streaming anymore. Still, he told viewers that he and his team were thinking of a solution to address the threat, even if he didn't feel beholden to the alleged threats.


Ross confirmed that he would be streaming on Kick just a day later. Notably, Ross didn't say that he was leaving Twitch — just that he was going to start streaming on Kick. In a clip of the announcement posted online, Ross said, "I'll still stream on Twitch if that's what you guys want, but I will say is this. I'm going to Kick this week." 

"I'm going to be doing Omegle, watching live sports, watching movies, prank phone calls...We can literally watch porn together." He claimed he wasn't serious about the last part, but meant to highlight that Kick was a much freer platform because of a supposedly more lenient terms of service (TOS). 

Notably, Twitch now allows partners to stream on other platforms so long as they don't simultaneously stream. It seems that Ross is attracting thousands of viewers, even on Kick, so we'll have to see if he decides its a more viable alternative than the Amazon-owned platform.