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Metroid Prime Remastered: How To Obtain The Super Missile

The "Metroid" series has plenty of mainstay upgrades and weapons, but one piece of Samus Aran's weaponry that has become an absolute staple is the Super Missile. This ultra-powerful upgrade has featured in nearly every mainline "Metroid" game, save for the odd entry or two. "Metroid Prime," as well as its long-awaited remaster on Nintendo Switch, is no exception to the rule, as the Super Missile once again appears to wreak havoc on alien bosses and gated progression pathways alike.


The Super Missile isn't just a neat upgrade for Samus in the GameCube title and its Switch remaster — it's an absolutely necessary tool to be able to progress through the game and make it to the end. However, as important as the item is, it may be a little unclear to players where exactly to find it, as well as how to go about reaching that point. Here's how to get the Super Missile in "Metroid Prime" and "Metroid Prime Remastered."

Head deep into enemy territory

Provided the players aren't using one of the various sequence breaks present in "Metroid Prime" or "Metroid Prime Remastered," the time to acquire the Super Missile should come shortly after Samus has obtained both the Space Jump Boots and the Wave Beam. The upgrade is located deep within the snowy Phendrana Drifts region.


From the Phendrana Shorelines, players must enter the western portion of the Ice Ruins, discernible by two Baby Sheegoths that call the area home. Players can find an alcove on their immediate right that will give them the exact view necessary to shoot a missile and knock a giant icicle from the ceiling. Using the icicle as a platform will allow Samus to reach a Wave Beam door on the opposite side of the area.

Players will then reach the Ruined Courtyard where they can use the boost ability of Samus' morph ball in a divot near one of the walls to temporarily fill the area with water and platform to the top. They must then enter another Wave Beam door to the Research Lab Entrance. From here, it's a linear path to the Super Missile. The real challenge comes from clearing out the hordes of Space Pirates in the subsequent rooms.


If players keep venturing forward, they'll eventually pass through the Research Lab Hydra area and move into a large, circular chamber known as the Observatory. It's here that the Super Missile is hiding — but the challenge isn't over yet.

Activate the hologram for the Super Missile

Once the player has reached the Observatory, they'll have to defeat yet another batch of Space Pirates to clear the area. After that, a console on the opposite side of the room will become scannable. Scanning the terminal will highlight a socket on a wall nearby. Enter the pocket in Samus' morph ball, plant a bomb, and watch as the machinery in the room begins to stir. Another socket that's even higher up will highlight. Repeat the same steps, and the device in the middle of the room will activate.


From here, players must enter each of the four morph ball alcoves located around the base of the central device. Boosting a few times in each one will lower the machine's appendages, creating a massive 3D hologram of the local planetary system. The game will then noticeably pan to a peculiar item located directly above the hologram — the Super Missile. After that, getting the Super Missile is a simple matter of platforming up the sides of the Observatory to reach the top where the item is sitting.

Getting the Super Missile in "Metroid Prime" and "Metroid Prime Remastered" is quite the involved process — perhaps even more so than many other "Metroid" games — but it's absolutely worth it, even besides being compulsory for progression. The Super Missile adds some major firepower to Samus' arsenal, which will benefit players as they go even deeper into Tallon IV and battle against some exceptionally tough enemies.