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Twitch Streamer DivineCarly Accidentally Deletes Hogwarts Legacy Character On Livestream

Owing to the myriad controversies swirling around "Hogwarts Legacy," and its ties to "Harry Potter" creator J.K. Rowling, livestreaming the new release has become a hot-button topic in itself. Those who have decided to stream the game have invariably drawn criticism for giving it a platform, but the title was nonetheless one of the most popular categories on Twitch in the days following its release. One of the many streamers to take the plunge on "Hogwarts Legacy" is DivineCarly, a moderately popular personality on the platform who has been consistently streaming the game for several days prior to its public launch.


DivineCarly ended up facing her own unfortunate situation while streaming "Hogwarts Legacy," but the incident actually had little to do with the controversy surrounding the game. Rather, the creator garnered massive internet attention when she accidentally deleted her main character profile on the game while playing live, leading to the permanent erasure of multiple hours' worth of progress. A crucial "Hogwarts Legacy" menu mistake brought Twitch streamer DivineCarly back to the very beginning of her time at the wizarding school.

DivineCarly lost hours of progress

Even just several days after "Hogwarts Legacy" launched, DivineCarly had already sunk a solid chunk of time into the title. All told, the personality had spent roughly seven hours playing across multiple livestream sessions, a fair way into the game when considering how long it takes to beat "Hogwarts Legacy." Unfortunately, her first adventure through the world was cut short when she accidentally deleted her character.


In the now-viral clip of the unfortunate moment, DivineCarly attempts to access the game's settings on the main menu, unknowingly selecting the delete option on her character's profile and hitting confirm. A few moments later, the streamer realizes what has happened, and her reaction is understandably quite pained. Meanwhile, the livestream's chat blows up as fans react in astonishment.

Fortunately, DivineCarly has taken the accident in stride. The remainder of the stream saw her create a new character, and she's now hours deep into a fresh playthrough of the title. The creator also reacted to the clip of herself shortly after, laughing and saying, "Aw, that's so painful."

As for whether "Hogwarts Legacy" implements a patch to keep players from accidentally hitting their profile's delete button, only time will tell. However, DivineCarly certainly isn't the only player who has lost their progress for this reason, as various Reddit users have reported similar incidents happening to them as well. For now, it seems that "Hogwarts Legacy" players should exercise an extra bit of caution while navigating the game's various menus.