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Here's How Many Hogwarts Legacy Quests Really Come With Each House

As seen in the "Harry Potter" books and films, "Hogwarts Legacy" allows players to be sorted into any of the Wizarding school's four Houses. These Houses include Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. While each of these Houses represents different kinds of Wizards and Witches and, in theory, courts different types of personalities and traits, the differences between them in "Hogwarts Legacy" aren't as defined and vast as they are in the greater Wizarding World. However, some people are convinced that this is not the case.


For instance, the TikTok profile for gaming mag Ggrecon recently published a video saying that "Hogwarts Legacy" players who opt for Ravenclaw will miss out on a lot of content because of it. "Compared to every other House, Ravenclaw actually has the least amount of side quests," Ggrecon says in its video. The TikTok profile also says that compared to other Houses, players who choose Gryffindor will have access to more content than any other House in the game.

Quite frankly, this is not true. There are very marginal differences between the Houses in "Hogwarts Legacy."

Each House comes with one unique quest

Contrary to popular belief, no one House offers more content than others. No matter which House players are sorted into, they come with mostly the same experience. The only discernible differences between each House are unique common rooms, school uniforms, one House-specific side quest, and an exclusive Trophy/Achievement that players can earn. Outside of that, fans have access to the same Spells, relationships, and endgame.


That said, the side quest that's paired with each House offers a unique and cool experience. For instance, should players choose Hufflepuff, they will gain exclusive access to a side quest that will see them explore Azkaban and see another character use Expecto Patrronum to ward off Dementors, something you won't see as a member of any other House. If players choose the popular Gryffindor, however, they will gain access to a quest involving popular "Harry Potter" character Headless Nick, a character members of other Houses won't meet.

In short, every House has one unique quest that will offer a little extra flavor to the experience. So if a proud Ravenclaw wishes to align themselves with their favorite House, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And they aren't missing out on any crucial additional content as a result of it.