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Mizkif Claims Twitch Is 'Hemorrhaging Money' In Frustrated Stream

Mizkif is back to doing what he does best: reacting to other people's content. He let the cat out of the bag on Twitch's financials while reacting to fellow streamer Adin Ross' news that he may be ready to jump ship after an alleged "threat" from Twitch. While Adin Ross was ranting about the way Twitch pays creators, Mizkif gave some commentary about why Twitch pays creators low (and by low, they're talking about not getting multi-million dollar contracts).


After Adin Ross pointed out that Twitch won't pay up in terms of deals, Mizkif explained that the platform literally couldn't afford to pay those numbers:

Mizkif went on to say that, while Twitch may have used to pay out those contracts, it's not "sustainable" anymore. He pointed out that it's a "bleeding platform" and "hemorrhaging money." According to Mizkif's claims, Twitch is running more and more ads because it's losing money incredibly quickly. While his chat didn't believe him, he used the idea of Twitch Prime's removal and 50/50 contracts instead of 70/30 contracts (referencing percentage splits in money between streamer and platform) to reinforce his point.

Will Twitch improve or will Kick take over?

Mizkif continued criticizing the platform further, saying that the ads are incredibly frustrating and tiresome. He felt so strongly that he asked his chat how they even use Twitch. However, he noted Twitch is trying to improve ads, especially by using creators. Mizkif pointed out that he remembers two ads he's seen on Twitch, both of which featured creators on the platform. He claimed to have pointed this out to those at the top to help ads not be as "boring."


This could solve even Adin Ross' complaints – while Twitch can't offer millions of dollars in contract, ads may be able to generate more revenue on the streamer's end. Of course, all streamers may not be open to taking part in ads, but it's a potential option that companies, Twitch, and creators could thrive from.

Mizkif explained that Twitch costs a lot to keep running and that just zackrawrr's channel costs $20,000 a day just to keep running. Twitch may make large amounts of money on paper in revenue, but the costs are just as high. In the grand scheme of things, the idea of Kick is more prominent than ever. Mizkif pointed out that Kick, Twitch's competitor backed by Trainwreck, may do well because the controversial gambling covers its costs in the background. Twitch doesn't have anything sustainable supporting it, in Mizkif's view.