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The Twin Peaks Easter Egg Huge Fans Caught In Hi Fi Rush

"Hi-Fi Rush" has become the first surprise hit of 2023 thanks to its satisfying rhythm gameplay and music from major artists. The game combines great music, beat em' up mechanics, and a comic book aesthetic for an experience that's earned critical acclaim and attention from fans. This blend of action, comic vibes, and music drew inspiration from "Scott Pilgrim," especially when it comes to its main character, Chai. What may surprise fans is that the developers of "Hi-Fi Rush" also paid homage to a different source of inspiration in the game. Several observant fans noticed a major "Twin Peaks" Easter egg in the middle of "Hi-Fi Rush." 


After being captured by Korsica, Chai nods off and has a strange dream where haunting jazz music plays and his friends snap their fingers in unison. This music will, no doubt, sound familiar to anyone that watched "Twin Peaks." The nod to the classic series is further cemented when, during the dream, the robot cat 808 is seen dancing in a strange manner. 

Players familiar with "Twin Peaks" quickly noted the similarity between the music in the scene and that used throughout the series. Others have also pointed out that 808's dance is a recreation of a similar performance by a character known as The Man from Another Place. One fan even highlighted that 808 looks a lot like the name BOB and suggested that this is a further reference to a character in "Twin Peaks," whose name is written in the same way. While that last point could be a coincidence, there's no doubt that the music and 808's dance are explicit references to "Twin Peaks."


Jazz and dancing

For those unfamiliar with the show from David Lynch, "Twin Peaks" was a surreal mystery series that regularly featured strange and uncanny music full of jazz and snapping fingers. The show is also remembered for a classic scene in which the character Agent Cooper has a dream in which he meets a strange man who dances in a red room. All of these elements are also captured in Chai's dream in "Hi-Fi Rush." 


This game is hardly the first time other media has referenced "Twin Peaks." The dancing man has been parodied by shows ranging from "Scooby Doo" to "The Simpsons" and even "Sesame Street" had some fun with its own "Twin Peaks" joke. Still, "Hi-Fi Rush" puts its own spin on the scene.

While this Easter egg in "Hi-Fi Rush" isn't the first, it is somewhat special, as fans discovered it shortly after the death of composer Angelo Badalamenti, known for his work on the "Twin Peaks" score. At least some fans found it quite fitting and are taking this reference as a tribute to Badalamenti's life and work.