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The Medium 2: Will There Be A Sequel?

When "The Medium" launched in early 2021 for PC and Xbox Series X|S, it caught the attention of critics. The story and characterization drew considerable praise, with some touting the title as the next evolution of the psychological horror genre. It also served as one of the earliest showcases of the power of the new generation of consoles. Though lackluster mechanics hinder the overall immersion, "The Medium" achieved near-instant success for developer and publisher Bloober Team.

Though Bloober Team entered the industry over a decade ago, it didn't truly find its footing until 2016. Starting with "Layers of Fear," the studio leaned into psychological horror. This focus produced gems like the "Blade Runner"-inspired "Observer," and has resulted in the company's continued growth and prosperity.

Given Bloober Team's upward trajectory and the critical reception of "The Medium," it's natural to wonder if the company has plans for a follow-up. The original entry left more than one unanswered question in its wake, including the ultimate fate of its protagonist, Marianne. Will Bloober Team revisit the dual world it established in "The Medium 2"? Examining a few clues may provide an answer to this mystery.

The Medium continues to pay off

The success of a title often serves as a key predictor for the possibility of a sequel, and "The Medium" has brought in considerable profit. Only a day after the horror title launched, Bloober Team shared that it had already recouped its monetary investment in the game. The benefits did not end in 2021, either.

In an official update, Bloober Team revealed that it had hit its highest sales numbers ever in Q3 2022. The company attributed this to improved brand positioning and persistent games sales, with president Piotr Babieno highlighting the strong performance of "The Medium" in particular. Further, the report unveiled the developer's plan to move its headquarters to a location intended "to be one of the most modern in the gaming industry." It also mentioned the addition of in-house motion capture and audio design.

Bloober Team has long had its eye on expansion, including juggling multiple projects at once. When asked about growth trajectory during a Reddit AMA not long after "The Medium" released, producer Jacek Zięba offered some insight into the behind-the-scenes logistics. "We're still growing as we want to make better and bigger games," explained Zięba. "We've already got two teams, as 'The Medium' started development before 'Blair Witch,' for example. We also have outsource partners ..." Bloober Team's production schedule has since gotten more ambitious.

Bloober Team has at least four games in the works

Though "The Medium" has helped Bloober Team expand both its reach and capabilities, it may be too busy with other pursuits to consider a sequel anytime soon. In late 2021, the company revealed that it had teamed up with Rogue Games to create a "next-generation console and PC game." A little over a year later, Bloober Team announced "an all-new survival-horror game" in partnership with Private Division. It has yet to share additional details about either project. Outside these endeavors, the developer is wrapping up production on "Layers of Fears," a next-gen offering that draws on the atmospheric horror legacy of "Layers of Fear" and "Layers of Fear 2."

While three titles in the pipeline might already sound like a lot, Bloober Team took on its highest-profile commitment towards the end of 2022. At that time, Konami revealed that it had chosen the developer to handle the remake of "Silent Hill 2." According to creative director and lead designer Mateusz Lenart, the remake will include several modernized features: a new camera angle, fresh combat mechanics, motion capture performances, and updated graphics via Unreal Engine 5. The PS5 version will make use of the system's advantages, such as 3D audio and haptic feedback. "Silent Hill 2" will also launch on PC.

The company may have even more ventures waiting in the wings. When asked whether Bloober Team had "a third secret project" in development beyond the "Silent Hill 2" remake and "Layers of Fears," chief marketing officer Anna Jasińska responded, "We always have something 'horror-ish' up our sleeve" (via DreadXP).

The future of The Medium franchise

Bloober Team may not have "The Medium 2" in production, but the company has made it clear that it doesn't plan to abandon its intellectual property. In October 2022, it announced a partnership to adapt "The Medium" into a television show. The notice cited the success of offerings like "Arcane," "Cyberpunk: Edgerunners," and "The Witcher." Bloober Team hopes to capitalize on this trend and bring the story of "The Medium" to an even larger audience.

Beyond the TV series, Bloober Team has addressed the possibility of a "The Medium" sequel or DLC on multiple occasions. "At the moment, we do not have any plans for a DLC, but life taught me to 'never say never,'" stated lead designer Wojciech Piejko. When asked about adding to the franchise during the same AMA, producer Jacek Zięba responded: " ... the marketing department makes sure we keep our mouths shut, but seeing such a positive response to 'The Medium' surely makes us consider that."

Almost two years later, head of production Kacper Michalski spoke to GamingBolt about a potential "The Medium" follow-up. "If we come up with a good idea on how to make a jump back to the universe of 'Observer' or 'The Medium,' then why not? Everything's possible," said Michalski. While he could simply be playing coy to appease the aforementioned "marketing department," Michalski's language implies that Bloober Team has yet to hit on a concept for "The Medium 2." But that doesn't mean it won't, especially if "The Medium" TV series takes off and fosters a greater demand for content.