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What The Critics Are Saying About The Medium

The Medium, published and developed by Bloober Team, has long been touted as one of the most anticipated Xbox Series X|S games. The Microsoft exclusive is ostensibly here to provide a preview of what's to come from content made solely with next-gen consoles in mind. The game follows the investigations of the titular medium, Marianne, as she peers into two different worlds and uncovers her own inner demons.


Although The Medium is far different in terms of gameplay, it may accurately be described as The Evil Within of this generation. The Medium is a psychological thriller arriving early in the life of a new console generation, and the reviews have been pretty divisive. 

Now that the reviews are in, gamers have some idea of how well The Medium executes that proposition. And the truth is, while the game is dripping with atmosphere and features an engaging narrative, some found its overall design left something to be desired.

An exceptional psychological horror experience...

A major area of praise for The Medium has been its psychological horror elements, with SomosXbox stating, "With its marvelous design and accurate portrait of History, Bloober Team surprises us with a new take on psychological horror and familiar drama." Meanwhile, TheGamer's Bella Blondeau also felt positively about this aspect of the game, noting that you "have to wrap your brain around the spirit world's twisted logic so much that it becomes a part of you, as you live through Marianne's pain with her and help to navigate her trauma." Needless to say, the game's exploration of the main character's psyche may be one of gaming's most impressive in years.


Miles Dompier at Windows Central concluded, "The Medium is one of the most gorgeous horror games I've ever played. Its detailed environments, compelling characters, and unique setting make it a must-play for psychological horror fans." Thus, the game has received positive marks in many places.

...With some less-than-exceptional gameplay mechanics

While The Medium's execution is fairly spot-on according to many, it does fall short in some areas for others. For instance, The Escapist's Marty Sliva described the game's design flaws as "disappointing," while Pure Xbox's Daniel Hollis said The Medium's gameplay was "too easy and lacking in depth." DualShockers' Charlie Wacholz reiterated this sentiment, calling the gameplay "slow" and "uninteresting."


Ultimately, according to many critics, the game absolutely succeeds as horror game with a well-written main character that draws the player in from start to finish. It shows off the graphical potential for the new generation and is simply a good start for the Xbox Series X. However, The Medium apparently does fall short when it comes to its unique gameplay mechanics. 

For those wanting additional previews before checking out Bloober Team's latest game, you can check out gameplay trailers for The Medium before purchasing. You can also download it through Xbox Game Pass if you are a subscriber Microsoft's streaming service.