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The Easiest Way To Get Bumbershoot In Forspoken

The crafting system in "Forspoken" is surprisingly intricate for a game that's centered around action combat and parkour mechanics. There are dozens of different resources scattered throughout the world of Athia for Frey to collect. She will be able to use these resources in order to craft and upgrade gear that will help her in her journey to save this mystical land any time she visits a Pilgrim's Refuge. Doing this is incredibly important for any player who's looking to survive the challenges that lie in wait. Some of these resources are a lot harder to find than others though. One late-game resource is called Bumbershoot, and this one, in particular, seems to be giving fans a lot of trouble.


Bumbershoot is a mushroom that only grows out of the bark of trees where the Break is most concentrated and stores magic in its caps. It's useful for crafting and refining a variety of end-game equipment. Users need three of them in order to craft the Home Sweet Hell necklace — and another three of them if they want to make the Unbroken cloak. There are also several pieces of gear that can be upgraded using these valuable little fungi. So where can players find Bumbershoot, and what's the easiest way to collect it?

End game chests are easiest

Unfortunately, there's no surefire method for quickly and easily farming Bumbershoot. It's one of the only rare ingredients that can't be made using the Crafting Pot players can buy from the Curio Collector. Getting enough of it to make anything is going to take a fair amount of leg work toward the end of the game. That said, there are three places where they can be found in the game.


Players can get their first piece of Bumbershoot pretty easily. There is a trader in Cipal who is willing to exchange one for two poppets. This is the only Bumbershoot that can be purchased in the game, however, and the rest require a bit of luck and a lot of searching.

The second, and most common, place they can be found is in chests. Some Reddit users found that chests on the Western side of the map, close to the curiosity shop, were much more likely to carry the precious mushrooms. Other reports suggest that the best place to find chests containing Bumbershoot is in the Depths of Corruption.

The third place that these fungi can be found is in the pouches that are scattered throughout the world — though it's worth noting that finding Bumbershoot in these is exceedingly rare, and players are much more likely to find them by hunting chests.