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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Unlock Alohomora And Pick Locks

There are a lot of spells to unlock in "Hogwarts Legacy." But they aren't all obtained in the same way. Some spells are essential and, as a result, unlocked as part of the main quest. For example, Revelio, the spell that reveals hidden objects in the world, is obtained early in the game during a main quest. Other spells, however, are unlocked via side content. Some of the most powerful spells in the game, such as the one-shot ability Avada Kedavra, are obtained via side missions. Players should note, though, that these spells have players dabbling in the dark arts, so they might not be worth pursuing. But what about the spell Alohomora? Gamers may wonder if this famous spell is unlocked via the main story or side content.

Fans of the series may recognize Alohomora, aka unlocking charm. It's the very spell Hermoine uses to escape from Mr. Flinch in "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone." And Alohomora proves to be very useful in this open-world game, so it should be in every mage's arsenal. Here's how to find Alohomora in "Hogwarts Legacy."

Progress through the main quest

Alohomora is unlocked via the main quest, so it can't be missed. Players obtain the spell around halfway through the main story. On the 23rd quest, shortly after "The Merlin Trials." Once players reach "The Caretaker's Lunar Lament" quest, they must head over to the Grand Staircase and talk to the caretaker Gladwin Moon. Gladwin Moon will then introduce the player to Demiguise Moon Statues and shows them how to collect them. After conversing with Gladwin Moon some more, he teaches the player Alohomora.

Players must walk up to a locked door and press the interact button to use the spell. Players will then be launched into a minigame where they must spin the outer green wheel until the green gears on the bottom right start to turn, then do the same but hold the position where the inner red wheel spins. Once they are both lined up, the lock will open.

To obtain the upgraded versions of Alohomora, players must collect Demiguise Moon Statues scattered around the map and return them to Gladwin. After collecting nine Demiguise Moon Statues and returning them to Gladwin, he will award the player with Alohomora Level 2. This upgraded lockpicking spell grants players access to even more locations. And once players return 13 more Demiguise Moon Statues, they get the third-level version of the spell, making locked doors nothing more than a minor inconvenience.