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Hogwarts Legacy: Should You Steal The Fwooper Feather (Or Are There Consequences?)

By any metric, "Hogwarts Legacy" is already on its way to becoming one of 2023's most popular and successful games. Despite being surrounded in negative discourse pertaining to controversial "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling, "Hogwarts Legacy" has broken records in terms of both sales and viewership on streaming platforms. This is in large part due to the game's massive amount of content, from the lengthy main story to the entertaining side quests players shouldn't miss. It's also due to the small details, such as in-game choices. And early on, players will witness one of the most fun examples of choice-making in the title.

Upon first visiting Professor Sharp's class, which focuses on the brewing of potions, players will be approached by Gryffindor student Gareth Weasley. Gareth needs help creating a potion and is short a Fwooper Feather — something that Sharp won't let him have. With the player being given permission to enter Sharp's office to collect ingredients for an assignment, Weasley asks the player if they'll be willing to steal the Fwooper Feather for him. It's certainly a conundrum for the player-created character, considering this is their first trip to Sharp's class and a good first impression is surely at the forefront of their minds. This begs the question — should players steal the Fwooper Feather for Gareth?

Stealing the Fwooper Feather triggers a fun cutscene

When approached by Gareth Weasley to steal the Fwooper Feather, players should absolutely do so. Those who help Weasley obtain the Fwooper Feather to complete his theoretical potion will be rewarded with a hilarious scene. Weasley's potion attempt results in an eye-catching mess and a scolding from the professor. There are no other ramifications to this except a bit of additional dialogue with Weasley and Professor Sharp. Weasley will thank players, despite his experiment being short of success. Professor Sharp will be a bit more grumpy, asking if you stole the feather for Gareth. If answered dishonestly, Sharp will scold gamers. But if players fess up, Sharp will be forgiving and admire the honesty.

If Hogwarts students choose not to steal the feather for Weasley, he'll express that he's disappointed in not having the opportunity to "perfect" his concoction but will be understanding. Professor Sharp's dialogue after class will remain essentially the same, minus the interrogation. Regardless, players will also be able to complete Gareth's side quest later. The event won't leave a lasting effect on a playthrough, whether positive or negative. But players should steal the feather if they're looking for a nice chuckle and some additional dialogue.