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Loverwatch: How To Get The Secret Ending

It's the season of love, and "Overwatch 2" has something for the more romantically-minded players in its fanbase. "Loverwatch" — available February 13-28 — is an adorable dating sim set in the "Overwatch" universe that centers around everyone's favorite ship: Genji and Mercy. The game, which has been praised by critics and fans alike as a refreshing new addition to the "Overwatch" franchise, will take you to a number of familiar locations as you woo the hero of your choice. It's a lot of fun, even if its events aren't canon to the game's story.


And speaking of story: Did you know there's a secret ending to "Loverwatch?" Yes, despite its breezy nature and short run-time (you can probably finish an entire playthrough in half an hour), "Loverwatch" still has some secrets to spare. Here's how to unlock the secret third path in the game and get an extra "Overwatch 2" reward for your romantic troubles.

Romance Cupid Hanzo in the secret ending

"Loverwatch" offers two different paths at the outset, each built around romancing either Genji or Mercy. But if you manage to finish the game twice — successfully charming both heroes, one at a time — then you will be able to play through one more scenario. 


Here, players will meet a Cupid-ized version of fellow "Overwatch 2" hero Hanzo, who will explain that he's been admiring the protagonist's efforts from afar. It's a cute scene that even incorporates a bit of fourth wall-breaking humor — the player character literally asks if they've suddenly found a secret ending to the game — and wraps up the non-canon storyline in a neat little bow.

Accepting Hanzo's offer of love will not only conclude the game, but unlock a new player icon and the adorable Cupid's Kiss Highlight Intro for Hanzo. Not a bad haul for an hours' worth of gameplay.