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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Use The Musical Map To Find Treasure

"Hogwarts Legacy" offers a vast open world to explore and lots of magical adventures to take part in. Critics have praised the varied content, including a host of side missions that gamers won't want to miss. "Solved by the Bell," which tasks players with using a Musical Map to find a hidden treasure, numbers among these optional pursuits.

Players can activate this quest by finding the map in a dungeon known as Henrietta's Hideaway. Located in Manor Cape on the south end of the world, this dungeon requires solving a couple of puzzles and fighting off some Ashwinder foes to reach the end. While players can make their way to the area relatively early in the game, one of the puzzles requires using the Glacius spell — not unlockable until much later in the story.

Players will find themselves in possession of the Musical Map when they have acquired the needed spell and made their way through Henrietta's Hideaway. This mysterious item displays an image of a map near the coast, some hanging bells, and some musical notes. These hints don't provide much to go on but, fortunately, solving the puzzle and getting the treasure isn't too tricky.

Find the bells and ring them in the right order

"Hogwarts Legacy" players who have thoroughly explored the area and revealed the world map will quickly recognize that the map leads them to Clagmar Castle on the Clagmar Coast. Once there, they'll find the relevant bells. Based on the musical notes, some may have already guessed the trick: shoot the bells with basic magic, ringing them in the correct order. Trial and error and an ear for music will allow players to figure out how to ring the bells but, for those that lack knowledge of sheet music or don't have the time to experiment, we've got the sequence to follow.

If you label the bells one through nine from top to bottom, you should ring them like this: eight, five, three, four, five, one, two, four. Shooting them in this order will play a short portion of a song that should sound familiar to fans of the "Harry Potter" movies and reward them with the treasure. Some treasure, a quest name that references a classic TV show, and a tune from a score that some "Potter" fans consider their "national anthem" all make this a quest that's not to be missed.