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The Best And Worst Tekken Minigames In The Franchise

The 3D fighter "Tekken" is known for innovation. Throughout its nearly 30-year lifespan, the series has experimented and tinkered with the formula a handful of different times to offer a fresh experience. For example, "Tekken 7" stunned everyone when it brought in a handful of guest characters from other franchises. However, not all of them were received positively by the community.


"Tekken 8" continues the tradition of adding the unexpected with a few new exciting gameplay mechanics that are sure to shake up the experience. But sometimes, "Tekken" even experiments outside the one-on-one brawls to create an entirely different meaning to what it is to play "Tekken." These experimental modes can turn "Tekken" into something more akin to "Mario Party."

In addition to the standard fighting gameplay, "Tekken" titles often come with minigames. These modes function as a welcome break from training combos in practice mode. Sometimes these extra modes function as the fighting series' take on traditional sports, while others are just wacky modes unique to "Tekken." But not all of these minigames are worth playing. Here are the best and worst "Tekken" minigames.


The Best: Devil Within

The Devil Within minigame in "Tekken 5" turns the "Tekken" gameplay on its head. The minigame follows Jin Kazama as he infiltrates a G Corporation laboratory to search for his mother, Jun. While exploring the laboratory, Jin comes across robot JACKs he has no choice but to punch through. A handful of incredibly powerful enemies are also standing in Jin's way. At the end of each stage, Jin has to take on a familiar boss from the series, such as Clone-Heihachi and True Ogre. What makes this mode truly unique is not the enemies, however, but the gameplay.


The minigame features an overhead camera and a different control scheme from the traditional "Tekken" gameplay. This makes Devil Within play more like a traditional beat 'em up than a 1v1 fighting game. It's also rather long for a minigame, packing over an hour's worth of gameplay. Because of this, The Devil Within has made a lasting impression on many players that remains 19 years after its release.

The Worst: Tekken Bowling

The Tekken Bowl minigame has appeared in multiple games in the series. Tekken Bowl first appeared in "Tekken Tag Tournament" and later appeared in "Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection." And to the fans' surprise, it also made a return in Tekken 7 as paid DLC. Of course, for it to be paid DLC, it should be good, right?


Well, not exactly. Tekken Bowl's gameplay is generic, even for a bowling game. The minigame plays similarly to "Wii Sports," but without the motion controls. However, there are a few unique things this take on bowling has to offer. But most of them are cosmetic and don't affect gameplay.

The gameplay hasn't evolved either, playing more or less the same as in "Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection." And besides the few cosmetic rewards, there is no incentive to play Tekken Bowl. This earns the game mode a spot in the gutter for many "Tekken" gamers.