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How To Play Hogwarts Legacy Without Purchasing The Actual Game

Have you wished you could enjoy "Hogwarts Legacy" without being reminded about the controversies surrounding franchise creator J.K. Rowling and/or the issues that plagued the game's development? Well, you're in luck, because one group of modders has managed to make 2022's Game of the Year into a reasonable facsimile of the latest "Harry Potter" video game adaptation. That's right; there's a PC mod that brings the Wizarding World to "Elden Ring." Not only does this further prove the versatility of FromSoftware's open world masterpiece, but it also offers gamers a chance to enjoy Hogwarts-adjacent action without picking up the real thing.

This mod is called "Harry Potter and the Elden Ring" and has been developed by the modding group Garden of Eyes. Of course, it probably goes without saying you won't be attending any fancy schools in "Elden Ring" (not unless you could Raya Lucaria Academy, which has basically become just another terrifying dungeon). Even so, the combat and aesthetics may be enough to make up for that fact. Who hasn't wanted to battle Godrick the Grafted while cosplaying as The Boy Who Lived?

The mod not only gives the player character some snazzy wizard robes, but it also allows for the use of spells from the popular books and films, including helpful charms like Accio and deadly curses like Avada Kedavra. But easily the best aspect of this mod is the ability to swap out the hero's loyal steed for a broomstick and take to the skies. Check it out after the jump.

This Elden Ring mod is a solid Hogwarts Legacy substitute

Over on the group's Patreon page, Garden of Eyes is already talking about what they'd like to add to "Harry Potter and the Elden Ring" in the future. Depending on what kind of traction the announcement of the mod gets, Garden of Eyes is prepared to implement new spells and a fully functioning Quidditch game in future updates.

Implementing flight mechanics for this mod was no easy feat, as one of the developers explained to Kotaku: "'Elden Ring' still has some limitations in regards to animation modding; as the tools to mod the game are community-made and still being constantly improved and updated. So we had to do some technical workarounds in order to achieve the effect of properly riding a flying broom, and make it actually function as one." 

The results speak for themselves, and there's something that just feels right about seeing a wizard on a broomstick in this game full of dragons and curses. Of course, if brooms aren't your thing, Garden of Eyes has also created a mod that allows players to ride on a majestic Hippogriff, effectively creating what the group is touting as the "First-Ever Flying Mount in 'Elden Ring.'"

Curious players looking to visit the Wizarding World on their own terms — or to just enjoy "Elden Ring" in a whole new way — can subscribe to Garden of Eyes' Patreon for future updates.