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The Most Frustrating Final Boss In The Street Fighter Series

"Street Fighter" is known for its one-on-one player-versus-player action. However, when nobody is around to square up against, players have no choice but to take on the computer. And as "Street Fighter" veterans know, not all CPUs are easy to beat.

Players are matched up with increasingly difficult foes during a "Street Fighter" story campaign. And once players make it to the end of the narrative, they are faced with a fearsome final boss. Some of these bosses have become famous video characters, transcending the series. For example, Akuma has become an iconic character, even getting featured as a guest character in "Tekken 7." 

Unfortunately, these final bosses are often too powerful. That's because they can cheat by pulling off moves normal players cannot do. As a result, old-school gamers may remember dropping quarter after quarter into to arcade machine to get just one more chance at one of these bosses after it bests them. But not all bosses are equally difficult. One infamous boss in the "Street Fighter" series is so hard that many gamers don't even dare attempt to beat them.

Gill remains the most frustrating boss in the series

Gill is the leader of a secret society that manipulates the world at his whim and functions as the final boss of "Street Fighter 3." But he's no regular human. Instead, he is genetically enhanced with powerful Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis abilities. And beating both fire and ice is no easy task.

During the fight, Gill throws out fast-moving projectiles that players must dodge to avoid taking massive damage. He also has great punches and kicks, thanks to his insanely long legs and arms. In addition, he can dash on top of the player in the blink of an eye.

And worst of all, he has all the benefits of being a CPU, allowing him to read the player's button inputs and countering accordingly. As a result, players must be very patient when fighting Gill and make use of his very narrow windows of vulnerability. If a player does somehow manage to deplete Gill's HP to zero, he frustratingly doesn't die.

Gill's Super Art, if charged, regenerates all his HP when he gets KO'd. Although it can be interrupted, it is incredibly tricky, as the move pushes the player back upon activation. This makes him one of the most annoying bosses to take on for both new and veteran "Street Fighter" players. And although he made a return in "Street Fighter 5," he has never been as powerful as he was in "Street Fighter 3."