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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Complete Man Behind The Moons Side Quest

The game may have critics a bit divided, but there's plenty to explore in "Hogwarts Legacy," including what fans are certain is a tribute to Hagrid's actor, Robbie Coltrane. For any budding witch or wizard who is stuck thanks to pesky locks, there's a solution: Solve the Man Behind the Moons quest. Of course, to do so, players need to have first finished the Caretaker's Lunar Lament. The Man Behind the Moons quest is multifaceted, but it's worth the effort. Halfway through, the Caretaker, Gladwin Moon, will reward the industrious witch or wizard with a more advanced version of Alohomora, the aptly named Alohomora 2. 


The primary objective of the quest is to locate the Demiguise moon statues strewn across campus for the Hogwarts' Caretaker. Unfortunately for Caretaker Moon, these statues have been placed maliciously, causing bogarts to appear and pester him. Once players have finished the fetching part of the quest, they'll next be gifted with the final stage of Alohomora (at least, the final stage that Caretaker Moon knows), Alohomora 3. While witches and wizards can stop there, it isn't exactly the end of the quest itself. Here's how players can solve the Man Behind the Moons quest. Please note there are spoilers to come.

Find the Demiguise moon statues at night

Gamers will need to find two batches of moon statues. The first nine statues earn them Alohomora 2, and the next 13 will get them Alohomora 3. Before witches and wizards set out, be sure to take Moon's advice and use a disillusionment charm to avoid being caught out at night.


Other than the statue right beside Caretaker Moon, the first nine can be found at:

  • The top of the Divination classroom
  • Behind the locked door at the back of the Great Hall
  • Down the stairs located across the bridge at the Clocktower Courtyard, South Wing
  • Cottage up a hill west of the village, Keenbridge
  • Floo Flame to Irondale, at the cottage on a hill southwest of Keenbridge
  • The third story of a three-story house near the bridge in Pitt-Upon-Ford
  • Cottage with a wheel on the door, north of Hogwarts
  • Cottage across from the Merlin Trial at Brocburrow
  • Cottage smothered in vines in Lower Hogsfield

The last 13 are at:

  • The Hog's Head Pub
  • Upstairs in the Three Broomsticks
  • Cottage to the west of the Three Broomsticks
  • Dervish and Bangles
  • Cragcroft, west Hogsmeaded
  • Cottage in western Hogsmeade
  • House northwest of Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade
  • Brick cottage in northeast Hogsmeade
  • Near the bridge in northwest Hogsmeade
  • Feldcroft in east Hogsmeade
  • Bainburgh, Manor Cape just north of Hogsmeade
  • Clocktower Courtyard at Hogwarts
  • The Great Hall
  • The Library Annex of the Divination classroom

Head to Hogsmeade to find the bully

To finish the quest, witches and wizards will need to find — and confront — the bully that has been tormenting Caretaker Moon. Players will have to wait to receive a mysterious letter from the bully himself. The letter, meant to be anonymous, is written on the personal stationery of a dastardly wizard named Piers Pemberton. Students will then have to track Pemberton down in Hogsmeade where he can be found lounging against a stone building. He's easily identifiable thanks to his luxurious black hair and dapper outfit. 


To choose the "good" alignment, so to speak, witches and wizards will need to use the following dialogue choices when speaking to Pemberton:

  • First choice: "I find them intriguing."
  • Second choice: "Hogwarts Caretaker is an important job."
  • Last Choice: "You're no better than Mr. Moon."

Pemberton will then agree to stop harassing the Caretaker with the Demiguise statues, and players can return to Hogwarts.

Return to Caretaker Moon

To close out the Man Behind the Moons side quest once and for all, students need to track down Caretaker Moon for the last time and tell him who his tormentor actually was. For the first dialogue option, it's best to be honest and tell the Caretaker the bully was actually someone he himself had bullied during his school years.


Moon will brush off the bully remark and reveal the nickname he had foisted upon Pemberton: Pigtails Piers. Remain honest and tell Moon that it's likely Pemberton didn't like the nickname. Unfortunately, this will also fall on deaf ears, and Moon will deny that Pigtails hated his nickname. Instead, Moon will call Pemberton clever and say he must go congratulate him. On the plus side, the Caretaker fully admits he will no longer be afraid of the statues, so players won't have to worry about tracking down any more — though he does tell the student they can continue collecting them if they like.