Audrey Freedman

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Liverpool, UK
University Of California — Irvine
Cozy Games, Retro Games, High Fantasy RPGs
  • Auds has played video games since they were big enough to fight their older brother for console control. Initially hooked in by dolphins and aliens, Auds prefers games that weave an intricate story and couple fun gameplay with worldbuilding.
  • Auds makes game-based ASMR videos on YouTube during whatever free time they can find.
  • More than anything, Auds believes life, like games, should be an adventure. Auds has lived in three countries and is currently considering moving to a fourth.


Auds wanted their career to blend their interests: Gaming and the English language. They began work as an editor back in 2010, but when they had the opportunity to write for a gaming publication, they jumped at the chance. To grow their career, they eventually moved back to editing where they became the Lead Editor and one of the heads of Quality Assurance. However, their love of all things gaming (particularly how games can create a fluid narrative that the player influences) led them back to the world of video games here at SVG.


Auds graduated cum laude from UCI with a B.A. in English Literature. During their time at university, they worked with one of the English department heads to create their own unique course that focused on Shakespeare's use of gender and gender norms. In addition to video games, Auds has a passion for old literature (everything from early Modern English up to Victorian children's literature). Understanding how story-telling tropes have evolved over time, and continue to evolve with modern media, is vital in the dynamic field of video games.

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