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The Call Of Duty Game That Takes The Longest To Beat

Every "Call of Duty" campaign is unique, featuring a distinct storyline and cast of characters in various conflicts around the world. They require players to combine shooting, stealth, and movement to navigate enemy territory and complete objectives. In addition, the games often feature cinematic set-pieces and cutscenes that make them feel like blockbuster movies. As a result, certain "Call of Duty" campaign objectives have earned their place as some of the best video game missions of all time. The "Call of Duty 4" Pripyat mission, for example, is a standout for many players due to its superb storytelling and gameplay.

Not only do these narratives vary in content but also in length and difficulty. A few of the campaigns offer multiple paths and choices that can affect the story or gameplay, while others are more linear and straightforward. But one "Call of Duty" entry stands out for being considerably longer than the rest of the campaigns in the series. This is because it took a unique approach to solo and co-op gameplay that has yet to be attempted again.

Black Ops 4 is the longest Call of Duty

"Call of Duty Black Ops 4" remains the longest game in the series, taking up to 15 hours to complete the base experience. In comparison, the average "Call of Duty" Campaign requires around 6-7 hours to finish. This big discrepancy is due to the fact "Black Ops 4" did things differently than the rest of the IP entries.

Instead of having a standard, single-player campaign with a focused narrative, "Black Ops 4" features special missions that dive into the backstory of the main Specialist multiplayer characters in the time between "Black Ops 2" and "Black Ops 3." "Black Ops 4" has 14 Specialist soldiers, each fleshed out in one of the Specialist missions. These missions notably feature both solo and co-op content. "Black Ops 4" also has a Zombies mode, which undoubtedly added a ton of playtime for many gamers.

However, it is worth noting that instead of coming prepackaged on the disc, Specialist missions were acquired through a "Black Ops 4" Battle Pass. Despite this disappointing many, "Black Ops 4" flew off shelves. And it was later revealed that the team behind the game never planned on creating a traditional campaign mode. Because recent "Call of Duty" campaign modes have disappointed many gamers, maybe investing more time into the multiplayer aspects was the right call for "Black Ops 4."