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Pokémon Sleep - What We Know So Far

"Pokémon GO" sent gamers into the real world to hunt elusive Pokémon and battle fierce trainers, encouraging more activity in what can admittedly be the stationary pastime of video games. In 2020, the Pokémon Company wanted to help players encourage similar good habits when it comes to sleeping. Although the initial announcement didn't include much information about the mobile title, many "Pokémon GO" fans felt excited to integrate their pals into yet another part of daily life.


Cut to 2023 and there's still no "Pokémon Sleep," but new information confirms that the game is on its way soon – finally. In a Pokémon Presents event on Feb. 27, fans got a first look at what the sleep app might look like, and how they'll soon be able to bring their Pokémon along while resting. Cozy up with some "Pokémon" ASMR and grab your coziest pillow — here's everything we know about "Pokémon Sleep" so far.

Does Pokémon Sleep have a release date?

While the Pokémon Company hasn't revealed a specific release date just yet, it announced that "Pokémon Sleep" will arrive sometime in Summer 2023, about 3 years after it was first announced.

"Pokémon Sleep" will also usher in a new physical product from Nintendo, as well, the Pokémon GO Plus+, which will arrive in July 2023. The small device allows players to easily begin recording their sleep with the press of a button, without the need for navigating through the "Pokémon Sleep" app at the end of a long day.


Pokémon GO Plus+ will also have functionality with "Pokémon GO," allowing players to automatically interact with Pokéstops or Gyms as they go about their daily lives. While "Pokémon Sleep" doesn't have a specific release date, the release of the Pokémon GO Plus+ as a companion device seems to suggest both will arrive in the height of the summer season.

Does Pokémon Sleep have a trailer?

The Pokémon Company released an adorable trailer to reintroduce fans to "Pokémon Sleep" during a Feb. 27 presentation. The video emphasized that "rest is the strongest healing move – even for humans," and showed a wide variety of people checking in with their Pokémon before cozying up for bedtime.


The trailer gives a look at the functionality of the app, showing a player setting an alarm before beginning to record their sleep. After the player says, "Goodnight," the trailer shows animated Pokémon crawling into bed with their trainers, suggesting that both Pokémon and people need quality sleep in order to feel their best. In the morning, the Pokémon gently wake their trainers – or vice versa – nodding to the alarm functionality of the app.

"Pokémon Sleep" seems to bridge the gap between lifestyle app and game, providing gamified incentives for those who use it regularly while also encouraging real-life habits. People of all ages should enjoy the "Pokémon"-themed data that will encourage better sleep.


What will gameplay in Pokémon Sleep be like?

While it may not seem like a sleep app would have many gameplay functions, an introduction video for "Pokémon Sleep" shows that there will be various components to unlock throughout the game. All players have to do is place their smartphone on their bed as they sleep, then the device will record their sleep and classify it as a certain Sleep Type.


In the world of the game, players must help Professor Neroli study the ways Pokémon sleep. By recording and analyzing one's own sleep, they can help the professor figure out more about the various ways Pokémon rest, including their different sleep styles. Once the player wakes up, they can check on their pal Snorlax (the Sleeping Pokémon) to see what other Pokémon have joined the group for a rest. Pokémon who share a sleep type with the user will join in for a snooze. Different Pokémon have various sleeping positions and styles they like to rest in, so part of the fun of "Pokémon Sleep" is observing all of the many ways that Pokémon like to rest – for research, of course. The introduction even claims that there are some hidden ways that Pokémon may nap that will surprise players.


The introduction of new characters and rules for Pokémon shows that "Pokémon Sleep" will continue expanding the world of the games in a wholesome, healthy way.