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Octopath Traveler 2: Easy Guide To Beat Wanted: A Good Joke Side Quest

Critics agree that "Octopath Traveler 2" expands on and improves the original concept. As players explore the JRPG world of "Octopath Traveler 2," they'll be able to enhance the main storyline with several side quests. One such quest is "Wanted: A Good Joke." Players will encounter the character Joe and be able to overhear his lament: He wants to romance a "composed woman," but gosh darn, he just can't make her laugh. Nestled in the Wildlands is Oresrush, the location of the quest — and, thankfully, the only place travelers need to go to solve the side mission. Joe will state that he just needs one good joke from his friends to impress the woman who has caught his eye.


Despite this, players really need to track down three of his friends and get jokes from each of them. Unless travelers want to bribe or coerce Joe's friends to get them to fork over their jokes, it's best to do this quest during the day. They can use Castti to inquire or Osvald to scrutinize the jokes out of Joe's friends — though with Osvald, there's always the chance he may fail, so the easiest path is to stick with Castti.

Track down the jokes

There are three people players need to track down and get jokes out of. First, head to the tavern to talk to Ned. He's seated on the left inside. Simply approach him with Castti and use "inquire" to wrestle his joke out of him. Next, players should make their way to Harry, located to the back left of the inn — he'll be the one standing by the stairs. Use inquire on him as well, and he'll provide his joke. Lastly, travelers should go up to the balcony of the inn, right by the stairs next to Harry, to speak to Nikki and get his joke as well. Now, players just have to return to Joe and deliver the jokes.


If travelers can't find Joe, select Partitio as the primary character, and then choose to "part ways" with Joe. After this, Joe should be back on the veranda where players initially found him. In the end, Joe will mix the jokes together to create some sort of joke-abomination that makes absolutely no sense, yet — somehow — it will get what can only be described as a guffaw out of the composed woman. After all the hard work, travelers will receive 3,500 leaves and an Invigorating Nut (M), as well as Joe's gratitude.