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Dead Cells: Return To Castlevania - Richter Mode Explained

"Dead Cells" fans have been looking forward to the "Return to Castlevania" DLC since its announcement at The Game Awards 2022. This expansion is particularly noteworthy among the others released thus far since it connects "Dead Cells" to the original game that inspired the developers at Motion Twin in the first place.


On February 23, 2023, Motion Twin released a 90-second final teaser and surprise reveal on YouTube, explaining more about "Return to Castlevania." Motion Twin's marketing manager Matt started the video by introducing himself and explaining some features coming to the DLC, including "Castlevania" weapons like the Vampire Killer. The setting is Dracula's Castle – AKA Castlevania – and the Beheaded protagonist is said to collaborate with classic "Castlevania characters" including Richter Belmont and Alucard among others.

Matt specifically thanked Konami, the original creator of "Castlevania." In his words, "the team has strived to capture the famous 'Castlevania' vibe, drawing inspiration from every game to pepper instantly recognizable rooms, characters, scenes, and music throughout the entire DLC." He described the expansion as enjoyable for all but especially appealing to true "Castlevania" fans. That wasn't all Matt shared – he went on to explain the surprise reveal of Richter Mode, another homage to "Castlevania" players will likely find exciting.


Richter Mode is the ultimate Castlevania crossover in Dead Cells

As marketing manager Matt went on to explain in the final trailer and surprise reveal, players of "Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania" can find a secret room to unlock Richter Mode. In Richter Mode, gamers assume the role of vampire hunter Richter Belmont, and they can hack and slash their way through the non-linear landscape using his iconic "Symphony of the Night" attacks.


Matt promised no shortage of nostalgia for "Castlevania" fans who step into Belmont's shoes. There are opportunities for gamers to deepen the adventure as they break candles and earn new weapons and moves along the way. As for how hard it is to find the secret room in question to unlock Richter Mode, that remains to be seen.

"Dead Cells" has continued to stay fresh with updates since its 2018 release including other DLC launches, and it seems its future remains bright with the dawn of "Return to Castlevania."