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Pokémon Scarlet And Violet: Bug-Type Weaknesses And Resistances

In "Pokémon" games, Bug types generally don't get as much love as others. Pokémon like Caterpie and Wurmple usually serve as early varieties to battle and catch but are quickly forgotten as a player progresses and discovers other options. While there are exceptions, Bugs just aren't as popular as other Pokémon for building a battle team. This doesn't mean they should be overlooked, however.


Bug types may not get as much attention but that doesn't mean they can't be a useful addition to a strategy. Their strengths and resistances can make them effective counters against certain types. Furthermore, trainers in "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet ” will have to defeat important opponents that make use of them like Katy, the gym leader in Cortondo who exclusively uses Bug types.

Whether they're planning on making use of Bug types or going up against them, any good trainer will want to know just how they fit into the larger balance of the game. This means becoming an expert on the strengths, weaknesses, and resistances of Bug-type Pokémon.

Bug-type strengths and resistances

Bug-type Pokémon don't have as many strengths and resistances as some others but those they do have can make them very effective counters to some tough opponents.

When on the attack, Bug moves do increased damage against Grass, Psychic, and Dark types. As Dark and Psychic types are each only resistant to three types of damage, this makes Bugs very useful in battles against those sorts of Pokémon. This is especially apparent when one considers that Bug types are much more common than the other types that are strong against Dark and Psychic types so putting together a team against them will be much easier with Bugs.


Further, Bug types are resistant to Fighting, Ground, and Grass attacks. They are one of only three types, along with Grass and Flying, that are resistant to Ground types, making them great counters to Ground-based trainers. Having both strength against and resistance to Grass types makes them one of the best types to bring into battles against lots of Grass types, like the Artazon gym.

Bug-type weaknesses and vulnerabilities

Bug types do have their weaknesses and vulnerabilities so certain Pokémon do make excellent counters against them. While defending, Bugs take increased damage from Flying, Rock, and Fire types. A trainer should be sure to have some of these types on their team when going into battle against a Bug trainer and should avoid bringing out a Bug whenever they're facing any of these types.


Meanwhile, a notably large number of types are resistant to Bug attacks. Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Fire, and Fairy types all take reduced damage, making Bugs poor attackers in these cases. With Flying and Fire types also doing extra damage, those Pokémon, in particular, are a major threat to Bugs. This large number of weaknesses makes Bugs a very situational type, good against specific opponents but not an ideal choice when encountering many different sorts of Pokémon.

Despite these drawbacks, Bug types undoubtedly have their place in "Scarlet and Violet" and trainers should make it a point to familiarize themselves with these tiny friends. As with everything else about Pokémon battles, knowledge is power. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of Bug types is just another key to success.