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Destiny 2 Lightfall: The Best Solo Strategy For The Headlong Mission

Since the release of the "Lightfall" expansion for "Destiny 2," players have had varying opinions on several aspects of it. On one hand, the game's newest enemy is considered by some to be the best in the game. On the other hand, players haven't been quiet in their frustration toward the campaign's second-to-last mission. Titled "Headlong," the mission ends with a relentless boss fight that can take several hours for some to beat. In typical "Destiny" fashion, however, an exploit was quickly discovered that turns it into a relatively easy affair.

"Headlong" has the player continuing their training with Strand, the newest element introduced in "Lightfall." It involves traversing the Vex Network and fighting through combat simulations. In the end, players must fight a giant Vex Minotaur in a round room. Complicating matters is the fact that there's also a rotating wall of death, meaning constant movement is essential to staying alive. Additionally, the rank-and-file enemies constantly respawn. It's an incredibly hectic encounter that becomes even more intense at the Legendary difficulty.

As is the case when gamers encounter something deemed too difficult, a "cheese" – or method that circumvents the intended mechanics – was found right away. In doing so, players can avoid both enemy damage and the wall.

One spot in the boss room makes the player untouchable

The exploit has been showcased by Esoterickk, a "Destiny" YouTuber known for their solo completions of everything from Grandmaster Nightfall strikes to the game's six-player raids. Esoterickk points out that one of the Vex portals in "Headlong" actually has enough space behind it to squeeze through.

From the entrance of the room, head to the Vex portal in the far right corner. While there, enemies will continue to make their way toward the player. Fortunately, the portal provides ample cover to avoid enemy fire and grenades. Because it's not part of the intended play space, the wall of death will not reach behind the portal. This strategy can be done all the way until the boss is dead, but players should try to thin the horde as much as possible when it's time to run out for extra ammo.

To avoid the ammo issue entirely, use the exotic bow Le Monarque. As Esoterickk demonstrates in their video, the bow is a viable option for high-level content because its poisonous arrows allow the player to take cover while continuously inflicting damage. It may take a little longer, but one of the campaign's hardest missions can be conquered with virtually no danger.