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Valkyrae Reveals Unexpected Adoption Plans

Valkyrae has accomplished quite a few impressive things during her meteoric rise to fame, and the YouTube streaming star wears a lot of different hats as a result. From entrepreneur to content creator to actor to part-owner of an esports org, it seems like there's not much Valkyrae can't do. And now, she's set her sights on possibly her biggest challenge yet: adoption.


No, she's not being adopted. The streamer revealed via Twitter on March 6 that she intends to adopt a baby with her mother. She explained that she intends to bankroll the adoption and all of the family's needs, and that she's very excited by the possibility of adding another member to her family.

Valkyrae asked her Twitter followers to weigh in with their own adoption experiences, presumably to give her an idea of what to expect and to educate her on what mistakes she and her mother should avoid as they go through the adoption process.


When responding to comments about what a big decision this will be for both her and her mother, she made sure to note that this big change is not being made lightly. She explained that she and her mother "have been considering [adoption] for a long time and feel it's an appropriate time to start the long process." She reiterated that the process of approval and adoption could take a long time, but that she and her mother are committed to making it happen. Valkyrae appears to be in this for the long haul, but the announcement no doubt came as a shock for anyone who has been following her for a while.

Valkyrae's previous thoughts on having kids

Needless to say, the news that Valkyrae is planning to help adopt a child is surprising, especially since the streamer has previously balked at the idea of becoming a parent. Valkyrae has discussed the possibility of raising a child in recent months, expressing a very different outlook from her current one. Last year, she described herself as being much too busy to entertain the idea of being a mother. While he felt she'd probably make a good mom, she quipped that there were already enough humans in the world, and that being a mom sounded like an intimidating prospect, what with all of the decisions that would have to be made with schooling and more. 


Of course, the topic at hand in that stream was whether or not she could see having biological kids of her own. The arrangement that Valkyrae has proposed in her tweet sounds like it would be much more feasible with her lifestyle, while still making sure that the adopted child receives all the love and care they could ever need. 

The reactions to Valkyrae's adoption announcement have been predictably mixed. Some fans actually have shared their adoption experiences with Valkyrae, with some telling her how glad they were to have been taken in by a loving family at a young age. Some fellow streamers also reacted to the news with a mix of support and jokes, with Dream's seeming to be a little bit of both:


Others had less than ideal experiences and encouraged Valkyrae and her mother to make absolutely sure that this is what they want. After all, raising a child is an unbelievably big undertaking, and not something to be considered lightly. This last factor appears to be what has so many of Valkyrae's followers and detractors up in arms.

Some had negative reactions to Valkyrae's adoption announcement

Many of the comments and quote tweets on the original post have sounded off in support of Valkyrae's big announcement, but a number of people also expressed concerns with the plan. Some commenters brought up the aforementioned stream in which Valkyrae expressed her to disinterest in having children of her own, while others accused the streamer of looking for content in an unorthodox way. The replies are full of fans debating Valkyrae's intentions with one another, which has led the streamer to respond in later tweets.


In one response, she conceded that her excited tweet may have had a tone that rubbed people the wrong way, but insisted that was not the intention. The content creator appeared to be distraught over the idea that some people believed he had less-than savory motives for the adoption.

In another, she expressed regret over making the announcement in the first place, but pointed out that it had been shared so many times that taking the post down wouldn't really make a difference at this point. Valkyrae hasn't posted any updates regarding how far along they are in the adoption process, but the streamer will most likely keep viewers in the loop going forward.