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Modern Warfare 2 'Your Profile Was Signed Out' Error: How To Fix

Few things annoy gamers more than connectivity issues. "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" offers a lot of different multiplayer modes and tons of other online options, but sometimes the wonders of internet gaming come with drawbacks. One connectivity error, in particular, seems to keep popping up in the game and causing stress for a number of people. 


Numerous players have reported trying to enter a lobby in "MW2," only to receive a message telling them that their profile has been signed out. Some have even stated this happens roughly every ten minutes, making it very difficult for them to enjoy the game. This problem doesn't seem specific to a single platform either. Players have reported the issue on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles. 

So, what can users do to fix the frustrating "Your profile was signed out" error? Well, they can take some simple steps that will hopefully allow them to turn their focus away from troubleshooting and back to racking up kills.

Step 1: Try loading into the campaign

Strange as it might sound, simply entering and exiting the "Modern Warfare 2" campaign mode might actually resolve the "Your profile was signed out" error. It doesn't seem that anyone has come up with a satisfactory explanation for why this fixes it, but several users have reported that loading into a level in the campaign, and then exiting out and going back into multiplayer allowed them to play unimpeded.


Reddit user still713 posted the solution on a thread dedicated to the error and nine different people responded stating that this worked for them as well. User ParzicalLM wrote, "My homie was having BAD issues so I researched it for him and found this and this did in fact work. I mean like he couldn't play at all." So, while it might appear odd, this solution has helped a lot of people who'd already struggled with the problem for a while.

This also appears to be the simplest suggestion for fixing the error. Many users may have stumbled onto it by accident given the popularity of the "Modern Warfare 2" campaign. It's unclear if the method resolves the issue permanently, but it's still worth trying before resorting to more in-depth solutions.


Step 2: Change the Voice Channel settings

The next potential solution also centers around interfacing with a part of the game that a "Modern Warfare 2" player might not expect. It involves messing around in the Game Voice Channel settings. This might seem counterintuitive since Voice Channel shouldn't have anything to do with a player's profile login information, but several users have reported that doing this fixed the "Your profile was signed out" error. 


This also helps explain why so many people had a hard time troubleshooting this issue for so long. Voice Channel is pretty far down on the list of aspects that a typical user might think of when trying to figure out what's logging them out of their profile. Luckily, fixing it is pretty easy. The player just needs to open up that game menu and navigate to Settings. Find the Audio section and then look for the tab marked Channels. There should be an option marked Game Voice Channel. Players should change this to All Lobby or Party Only.

Doing this should resolve the issue if the Voice Channel served as the source of the error, though it's possible that there are other causes. Continue to Step 3 if the problem persists.


Step 3: Relink platform account

Another strategy that might resolve the error calls for players to unlink their Activision account from whatever platform they use and then relink it. This could reset any buggy sign-in permissions and allow the user to go back to playing "Modern Warfare 2" without constantly receiving the error. Though it's worth noting that players are only allowed to unlink their platform accounts once every 12 months, so those who've already done it might not be able to do it again until that time period expires.

  • Players can unlink their accounts by going to the Activision login page on the official website. They should start by signing in and then head to Account Linking. There they can hit Unlink and confirm that they want to go through with the action. 
  • Next, they should hover over their Account Name and select Linked Accounts from the menu that appears. Then select the Link Account option for their chosen gaming platform. 
  • After that, they should receive a verification code via email. Enter it, select Link Account once more, and then finish up on the associated platform's website.

Upon completing this lengthy process, players should have successfully unlinked and relinked their Activision account.

Step 4: Delete corrupted data

If none of the above steps resolve the problem, then corrupted data may have caused the error. This may stem from an incorrect install or it could mean that the game's save data has been compromised in some way. Players should start by checking the platform's storage settings. If they find the storage full (or almost full), it likely caused the "Modern Warfare 2" data to corrupt since the game tried to save using storage space that doesn't exist.


If this proves the case, players will need to clear space on their hard drives by deleting other data. They will then need to delete their "MW2" save data since it most likely got corrupted after they installed the title. After doing this, players can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the entire game if they wish to be more thorough.

While taking these steps could resolve the issue, some users have reported that doing so reset their profile and caused them to lose all of the progress that they'd made in the game. Consequently, you should only try this solution after exhausting all other options. Even so, many users may find the risk worthwhile to get rid of the "Your profile was signed out" error.