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GTA Online: How To Start Special Vehicle Work

There are loads of different ways to make money in "Grand Theft Auto Online," from participating in Heists to besting the competition in competitive races or activities. That said, some of the fastest ways to make large amounts of cash are through the businesses and properties players can purchase. While they'll require a bit of an initial investment, most ventures can more than makeup for any start-up cost. Although players will have tons of potential business and career paths to pursue, like the Acid lab that was a part of the Los Santos Drug War update, one of the easiest and most consistent ways to generate wealth is through the Vehicle Cargo Missions available to CEOs.

Apart from the easy money available to players through illicit cargo and regular vehicles, player CEOs can also partake in some Special Vehicle Work for the opportunity at some additional cash while using some fun and wacky custom vehicles. Here's how players can start doing Special Vehicle Work on their own.

Every CEO needs a Vehicle Warehouse

If players thought they were done investing in the CEO lifestyle after shelling out for some office space, then they're in for a rude awakening. While some money-making activities are available from the start, the green won't really start to flow until players purchase their own Vehicle Warehouse. Here, players will be able to access Vehicle Cargo Missions, which serve as both a fantastic and reliable way to earn as well as the means to open up additional Special Vehicle Work.

Each Special Vehicle Work mission has specific unlock requirements centered around completing Vehicle Cargo Missions. The first Special Vehicle Work assignment becomes available after players have successfully completed four Vehicle Cargo Missions, and additional selections unlock with every subsequent four Vehicle Cargo Mission completions.

The Special Vehicle Work is a little different from what players have been doing with other vehicle-related work, offering heavily modified machines to solve specific tasks — like having players stage a buggy with a built-in ramp to help others escape. While the tasks themselves can be even more outlandish than other parts of the game, it's not just a silly good time and cash that players leave with once complete. Special Vehicle Work will also earn players hefty discounts on any of the wild featured rides.