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Warzone 2.0: How To Find Data Heists And The Rewards You Can Get

Season 2 of "Warzone 2.0" brought plenty of great new content and updates to the "Call of Duty" battle royale. Most notably, players got the Path of the Ronin event which offers gamers the opportunity to earn some new weapons and other rewards as well as a new map with the smaller but still interesting Ashika Island. Further, along with Ashika Island came the new Data Heist public event.

Appearing only while playing on Ashika Island, Data Heist gives players a chance to earn rewards by stealing information from enemy laptops while fending off human and AI foes. This presents a great new challenge for operators already familiar with previous content and some solid equipment to further incentivize seeking out these elusive laptops.

Every match on Ashika Island will feature a chance to engage in a Data Heist but the locations for the mission will only appear with the collapse of the second circle, meaning players will have less time to complete this objective than others. Once the collapse begins, operators will be able to head to uplink stations at various points on the island to begin the mission. Using the map to find the uplink stations and getting to the nearest one should be easy for any player used to the map and the basics of "Warzone 2.0." Actually pulling off a heist, much less multiple heists for the best rewards, will be another matter.

Complete Data Heists for XP, ash, and other rewards

Once a download has begun, players will need to defend their position against hordes of AI soldiers looking to stop them. There is a silver lining here, however, as killing these opponents will actually reduce the download time. Less helpful will be other human operators who will be aware of the Data Heist in progress and looking to stop it through violence or the use of a DDOS attack. Still, if a team can hold on and complete one or more heists, they'll be well rewarded for their efforts.

Completing a heist will award XP and cash, along with tactical equipment. Even better, those who can pull off additional heists will win random killstreak bonuses, giving players all the more reason to attempt them and other teams all the more reason to stop them. It won't be easy but "Warzone 2.0" veterans will definitely want to take a shot at the new Data Heists. The thrill of the challenge and the rewards for success should make them a new popular target in matches.