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The Disturbing Reason Why Stranger Things' Grace Van Dien Is Streaming More Than Acting

Fans got to love Grace Van Dien after her breakout role as Chrissy on "Stranger Things," then they discovered she was also a streamer and had a whole new appreciation for her work. Unfortunately for Van Dien's fans, the actor hasn't appeared in many roles recently. In fact, she's slowing down her acting career and streaming more than ever. Sadly, there's a disturbing reason behind this sudden shift.

In a March 9 stream, Van Dien told viewers that she's had some negative experiences on set that have made her take a break from acting. She explained that she'd made a conscious choice to stream more because "The fact of the matter is, the last few projects I worked on, I didn't have the best experiences."

Van Dien elaborated, saying, "One of the last movies I did, one of the producers asked me to... like, he hired a girl that he was sleeping with and then he had her ask me to have a threesome with them. So... like, that's my boss." Where films have many people working on the project, and plenty of high-ranking individuals who could potentially abuse their power, the only boss in Van Dien's streaming world is herself. She also tweeted out some clarifications about the direction of her career on Twitter.

Van Dien can control her work better online

Van Dien stood up for her decision to stream more often on Twitter, explaining that she wasn't done with acting just yet, but waiting to get involved with the right project.

Van Dien also promoted a new project she worked on, "Monsters and Muses," which she directed, produced, and acted in, saying she hoped to do more projects like that in the future, where she has more creative control. Hopefully, she can stay away from harassment, too.

Other streamers also spoke out to support Van Dien, like MoistCr1tikal (who also goes by penguinz0 on YouTube). He played a much longer clip from Van Dien's stream, where she mentioned that she'd turned down four movie roles in favor of streaming because the latter allows her to control who she works with and when.

MoistCr1tikal pointed out that the person mentioned in Van Dien's story sounds like he's attempted to sexually harass actors before, using their power in the project to get what they want. Van Dien said that streaming is better for her mental health, because it lets her be in control of what she's doing without having to answer to anyone else.