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Why This Apex Legends Pro Was Banned For 3 Days

EA is known to wildly swing its banhammer, decimating anyone in its path. After swearing at a teammate, EA's banhammer took "Apex Legend" pro player HisWattson out of the game for three days. However, a number of onlookers feel this suspension may have been unwarranted.


HisWattson is a controversial figure in the scene, making a name for himself by messaging an "Apex Legends" cheat distributor and making his beefs with EA and Respawn Entertainment well known among the "Apex Legends" community. So, when his EA account was banned, fans started theorizing about what questionable action he had done this time to deserve a ban. After all, EA has made a point of banning gamers who exhibit toxic behavior to other players online, all in an effort to create a more inclusive community. But as it turns out, HisWattson's infraction was apparently not something malicious. Instead, this ban appears to have been the result of a simple misunderstanding.

Pro player HisWattson was banned after cursing at his teammate

Initially, pro player HisWattson was confused as to why he was issued a three-day ban from "Apex Legends," but he later found out and revealed that EA banned him for breaking the Positive Play Charter in the game's Terms of Service. EA stated that one of his chat messages that simply read "F*** YOU," which constituted harassment and was the sole reason for the ban. EA also informed HisWattson that multiple offenses could lead to longer suspensions or a permanent ban in the future. However, as he implied on Twitter, HisWattson does not think this ban was deserved, and many players feel the same way.



HisWattson stated that he was "in a 3 stack," meaning both of his teammates were friends of his. And most gamers don't think a player deserves a ban for joking with a friend in team chat. However, chat flags often trigger automatically, so it seems the system did not consider that they were not partied up in a traditional sense. 

The situation had one Redditor remarking that the "Apex Legends" anti-cheat ban system is clearly less efficient than the automated chat ban system, especially since cheaters are still so common in the game.


Going forward, "Apex Legends" players will want to watch what they say in chat to avoid the same fate as HisWattson.