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Resident Evil 4: Chainsaw Demo - What Is Mad Chainsaw Mode And How To Unlock It

The "Resident Evil 4: Chainsaw Demo" released on March 9 provides more than just a look at the upcoming remake – it offers an entirely unique mode called Mad Chainsaw. This is an even more intense version of the base experience, complete with plenty of death and destruction, plus some fire for good measure.

Mad Chainsaw Mode is an exclusive part of the demo – in other words, it won't be part of the main game. It's incredibly challenging compared to standard gameplay, and since it only lasts for a single playthrough, players have to fight hard to succeed while the mode is active. Fortunately, the way the "Chainsaw Demo" is designed means there are ample opportunities to unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode. As described on Steam, "This demo consists of a specially tuned version of the game's opening sequence and can be played repeatedly without time restrictions."

Though unlocking Mad Chainsaw Mode requires a fair bit of fortune, it's a prize worth chasing since it's such a unique part of the "Resident Evil 4: Chainsaw Demo." Here's how to get to it, as well as more details on what the adventure entails.

Unlocking Mad Chainsaw Mode is up to fate

There's no surefire way to access Mad Chainsaw Mode. It's completely random whether or not players unlock it, so patience is key since they will have to wait for the option to present itself, then wait again upon their more-than-likely death due to the mode's difficulty. The option to play in Mad Chainsaw Mode presents itself at the beginning of a run. There's noteworthy speculation that completing a regular run is required to get to Mad Chainsaw Mode, but only time will tell if player experiences prove this notion false.

Once Mad Chainsaw Mode commences, gamers will have to survive as long as they can in the face of beefed-up enemies, including a Chainsaw Villager with a flame-engulfed chainsaw (as if the original enemy wasn't terrifying enough). There are also no checkpoints, adding extra intrigue to the challenge. Surviving won't be easy, though "Chainsaw Demo" aficionados would be well-advised to stay on the run and ensure they gather ample supplies before attempting to battle anyone. It'll only get easier as gamers attempt it more – practice makes perfect, as the saying goes.