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Hogwarts Legacy: How To Unlock The Breeding Pen (And What It Does)

There's plenty to do in the controversial hit "Hogwarts Legacy." While it helps to know the right loadouts for early gameplay, certain quests can still be a little tricky for even the most enterprising young wizard or witch. One such quest is Foal of the Dead, which lets students unlock the breeding pen in the Room of Requirement. While the quest itself is relatively straightforward, students need to complete the puzzle-intensive Charles Rockwood's trial and Plight of the House-Elf both before they can access it.


Once those two quests have been seen to, students can speak to Deek in the Room of Requirement. He'll tell you that the best way to aid in magical beast rescue is by breeding the beasts. To do so, students will need to set up a breeding pen in their vivarium. The tiny, goatee-and-mutton-chop sporting house-elf will inform players that they can simply buy a spellcraft in Hogsmeade at Tomes and Scrolls to make the pen. He'll also suggest starting the breeding process with a male and female thestral, which can be caught with nab-sacks.

Use the breeding pen to breed magical animals

The breeding pen itself is relatively simple. Students buy the spellcraft and then head back to Deek to set it up in the Room of Requirement. After Deek tells the student to go ahead and assemble the pen, the student will wonder aloud where oh where would be best. 


Fortunately, the Room of Requirement takes care of that. With a swirl of motion, the room will create a new vivarium with a swamp biome, perfect for breeding captured thestrals. The student can then enter the area and place the pen wherever suits them. Release the male and female thestrals and then wait for about 30 minutes for a baby thestral to emerge. Once the quest is completed, more industrious witches and wizards can go on to breed 12 different types of creatures — every magical creature, in fact, save for the elusive phoenix. After all, a phoenix's birth is a bit more complicated than simply throwing two birds into a pen and waiting for nature to take its course.