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Atomic Heart 2: Will There Be A Sequel?

"Atomic Hearts" has been a divisive title since it launched in February 2023, with the discourse surrounding the game nearly rivaling that of "Hogwarts Legacy." Mundfish, the studio behind the game, has been criticized for its apparent ties to Russian government agencies, not to mention the studio's insistence that the game is not meant to be viewed through a political lens. For these reasons and others, Ukraine has called for bans on the game. Meanwhile, although reviews of the game have found it to be full of atmosphere and inventive set pieces, many critics have been underwhelmed by its plot and dialogue. Despite all of these things working against it, the game has apparently done quite well since release, with a great number of players checking it out through Xbox Game Pass. Given the polarizing response, it's natural to wonder if "Atomic Heart" will lead to a franchise.


The story of "Atomic Heart" drops players into the boots of P3, a soldier forced to do battle with renegade androids in an alternate version of the 1950s. Over the course of the game, P3 uncovers a number of dark truth about the idyllic society he lives in, leading to a few different endings that set up an interesting future for this world. But will the ending of "Atomic Heart" be paid off in further installments?

Atomic Heart 2 is already being discussed

As journalist/YouTuber Aleksey Makarenkov explained in a video posted to his channel on March 11, 2023, he has been told by multiple sources that "Atomic Heart" has done pretty well in sales. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that a sequel is a sure thing. With this in mind, Makarenkov decided to find out reach out to Mundfish via email, asking the developer about the game's current success and future plans for the IP.


Although the developer was unable to share exact sales figures with Makarenkov, the email did reveal that there are already plans for an eventual follow-up. No details regarding the sequel's story have been revealed just yet, but the dev did say that the second installment is not Mundfish's first priority. For now, Mundfish will be focusing on creating DLC for the first game, which will most likely add new challenges and flesh out the history of this alternate Soviet Union. 

Despite the lack of details, fans of "Atomic Heart" will no doubt be excited to learn that Mundfish is already discussing "Atomic Heart 2" internally.