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These Hidden Hogwarts Legacy Lines Point To A Cut Feature

In a game as big as "Hogwarts Legacy," plenty of features end up on the cutting room floor. Still, fan modding and extended play has uncovered a hidden feature that didn't make it into the final game:  a more in-depth companion system. The discovery left fans wondering what might have been. Modders using specialized companion mods – which allow more characters to serve as companions on quests – discovered that several characters have unused dialogue, which plays when taking those characters on certain quests. This suggests that more characters were originally intended to be companions, and even had dialogue written and recorded for specific quests. While the hidden voice lines are only available via mods, they led gamers to wonder if developers originally intended for the companion system to be much more in-depth than what appears in "Hogwarts Legacy."


interesting! with the companion mod on PC, Imelda Reyes has some side quest-specific voicelines! from

Players spoke about this discovery across social media, noting that certain characters, like Imelda Reyes, have quest-specific dialogue discussing the player's surroundings and objectives. Some of the conversations even mirror what existing companions say on the same quest. Other dialogue simply remarks on the atmosphere or the main character's abilities.

There are 4 official companions in "Hogwarts Legacy," one from each Hogwarts house, but the hidden dialogue points to more members of each house traveling with the main character. Imelda, for example, is a Slytherin – just like companion Sebastian Sallow. It's unclear why there are only a few companions in the game, but fans have made it known they're open to more.


More companions were planned

Are there more companions hidden in the game's code? For now, the answer's unknown. While modders found some hidden dialogue, it's unclear what purpose it originally served or what developers originally intended the companion system to be. While some non-companion characters have hidden dialogue, many don't. It's possible only a few of the many "Hogwarts Legacy" characters were initially intended to be companions.



Found hidden dialogue in the floating candles quest! There was even dialogue for Imelda which is interesting 🤔 guess she was considered a companion! #hogwartslegacy #slytherin #hufflepuff #sebastiansallow #trending #fyp

♬ original sound – sophia 🐝

Some players hope that developers expand the companion system in a future update, putting some of those recorded voice lines to good use, but it's unclear if or when that would happen. A future expansion could satisfy gamers who have complained that only a handful of characters receive a proper storyline.

While developers haven't confirmed DLC for "Hogwarts Legacy" yet, the unused voice lines hint that there's plenty of material to work with, should Warner Bros. Games decide to continue work on the game. For now, players will have to be satisfied with the AnyTimeCompanion mod on NexusMods, which allows any character to accompany the main character as a companion. Who knows, maybe there's even more hidden dialogue to uncover.