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The 3 Best Dragon Type Pokémon In Scarlet And Violet

Dragon type Pokémon have always held a certain mystique for fans of the franchise, ever since a lighthouse-sized Dragonite was glimpsed back in the anime's first season. Since then, Dragon Pokémon have become slightly more commonplace, with characters like Lance filling the entirety of their team with winged, fire-breathing beasts. That fact doesn't make these Pocket Monsters any less impressive, though, and fans still find themselves seeking out Dragon Pokémon in every corner of the virtual land.


There are several Dragon Pokémon in the series' Ninth Generation entries, "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Pokémon Violet." While all of them are impressive in their own right, a few stand out above the rest for their defense stats, shared types, and pure strength. If you're looking to strike fear into your opponents in the Paldea region, you can't do too much better than the following creatures. Here are the three best Dragon type Pokémon in "Scarlet" and "Violet." 


It's almost difficult to believe that a cute little guy like Frigibax eventually turns into this hulking tough guy. Baxcalibur is one of the stronger dragons in the series' history, let alone in "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet." This Dragon/Ice type hybrid Pokémon can bring the pain to fellow Dragons and Flying types, its Thermal Burn ability neatly protects it from being burned by attacking Pokémon, and its Thermal Exchange ability raises Baxcalibur's attack stat whenever its hit by a Fire attack. Essentially, Baxcalibur is built to both dish out and take serious damage without losing a step.


Unfortunately, its unique typing leaves it vulnerable to a few different types, including Rock and especially Steel, which brings it down in the ranking slightly. Still, Baxcalibur is one of the more tank-like Pokémon in the game, so consider investing some time in training this one if you're looking for a bruiser with some tricks up its sleeve.


Sorry, Koraidon fans; the motorcycle-esque Legendary exclusive to "Pokémon Violet" just edges out its competition from "Scarlet." If you want true versatility from a Dragon type Pokémon, then Miraidon is your guy. The Pokémon is acquired at the beginning of the game and can be used as a loyal steed throughout the game, but there's so much more to Miraidon than transportation.


Once you finally get to use the sleek-looking Pokémon in battle, you'll truly appreciate how its base stats are through the roof, particularly in terms of speed. Plus, the Legendary Dragon's Hadron Engine ability makes all of its Electric type attacks pack an even greater whallop. Add that on top of Miraidon's devastating signature attack, Electro Drift, and you've got yourself one of the most purely powerful offensive Pokémon in the game. Gamers who only pick up "Pokémon Scarlet" are sincerely missing out!

Roaring Moon

Roaring Moon might not have the robust defensive stats of some of its dragon brethren, but it makes up for it with a high Speed and Attack, not to mention a mix of types that bowl over much of the competition. Pair that with some of its stat-raising abilities, such as Dragon Dance and the Paradox Pokémon mainstay known as Photosynthesis, and the result is a Dragon Pokémon that can raise its own stats through the roof.


This Dragon/Dark type boasts a moveset that can deal serious damage to almost every other type out there, provided the opponent doesn't have a Fairy type Pokémon up their sleeve. It's plain to see why this Salamence ancestor has such a storied history within the game; it's hard to imagine too many Pokémon having the power to quickly put it out of commission, thanks to its versatility and sheer power. It also makes perfect sense why Roaring Moon was one of the first Generation Nine Pokémon to be banned from tournaments.