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Destiny 2 Lightfall: Where Nezarec Has Been And Why He's Important

After some early hints throughout the "Lightfall" campaign in "Destiny 2," players finally came face-to-face with Nezarec, Final God of Pain in the new "Root of Nightmares" raid. While it may be a new foe to some, Nezarec's presence within the "Destiny" lore goes all the way back to the beginning of our solar system's conflict with the Witness. In fact, they actually played a central role in humanity's collapse before the events of the first "Destiny."

Before being revealed as the final boss in "Root of Nightmares," Nezarec made it known that they were watching the player during their adventures on Neptune. During the occasional news broadcast from Jisu Calerondo, it was revealed that the citizens of Neonuma were experiencing nightmares centered around the name "Nezarec." In fact, if a player goes through the "Thrilladome" Lost Sector equipping certain weapons and armor –- including the exotic warlock helmet "Nezarec's Sin" -– previously unintelligible whispers can be heard clearly to reveal Nezarec hinting at his past and making threats of the future.

That all culminated with Nezarec's defeat in the raid. However, their appearance in "Lightfall" is only scratching the surface of this Disciple of the Witness.

Precisely where Nezarec has been

Under orders from the Witness, Nezarec brought the Darkness to the solar system in pursuit of the Traveler. The ensuing conflict brought about the Collapse of humanity. Nezarec likely would have eradicated humanity in the process but was stopped by Savathun, the Hive God of Cunning who was the central antagonist in the "Witch Queen" expansion. It's unknown how or why she managed to deceive the Witness, but her deception resulted in the forces of Darkness fleeing the system. Savathun also killed Nezarec in the process and cursed their body. It remained entombed in their pyramid ship on the Moon.

Not long after, however, Eliksni pirate captains discovered Nezarec's body. The captains –- including Mithrax –- split the body into pieces and kept them for the resonant power they held. Eramis, Kell of House Salvation, was resurrected by the Witness in "Season of Plunder" and tasked with retrieving these pieces of Nezarec. Players foiled those plans and claimed the pieces for the Vanguard, and the power of the Darkness was then used to bring Osiris back from his comatose state following his possession by Savathun.

Unfortunately, players didn't get all the pieces. Nezarec's head remained in the pyramid ship, and Eramis gave it to the Witness, who then stored it on their ship. When the Traveler struck the Witness' ship with its terraforming beam in the "Lightfall" campaign, it inadvertently brought Nezarec back to life before he was killed once again in the raid. Even so, Nezarec whispers that they live on in memories and nightmares, so it remains to be seen whether it truly is the end of the Disciple.