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Spider-Man 2's Venom Hilariously Backtracks On Release Window Leak

"Marvel's Spider-Man 2" excited fans the moment it was announced, particularly due to its starring villain. Though he'd been hinted at in previous games, the first teaser trailer for Insomniac's next wall-crawling adventure confirmed that Venom will be one of the big bads in the highly anticipated sequel. Not only that, but genre veteran Tony Todd, of "Candyman" and "Final Destination" fame, will be lending his voice to the hulking enemy. Todd has expressed his excitement over the project on a few occasions since then, but he may have gotten ahead of himself when discussing the new game's release window on social media.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Tony Todd happily told one fan that he expects "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" to be out in September, with a huge marketing surge rolling out in the month before the game's launch. This is obviously a huge reveal, given that Insomniac Games and Sony have been extremely tight-lipped about the project.

This wouldn't be the first time the actor has teased fans regarding "Marvel's Spider-Man 2," as he's also mentioned the sequel's scale in past interviews. During an appearance on the "Deeper Level Podcast" a few months ago, Todd compared Venom's impact on the game to the hectic Rhino chase scene that opens "Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales." While it seems Sony and Insomniac were cool with Todd speaking in general terms about the game, he may have gotten a talking-to after tweeting about the release strategy for "Marvel's Spider-Man 2." The actor hilariously commented on his slip-up in a later tweet.

Tony Todd isn't offering any more Spider-Man 2 details

A few hours after Tony Todd's tweet about the release window for "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" started making the rounds, the actor posted a follow-up that appeared to directly address the apparent leak. In an almost-comical photo, the actor can be seen mostly submerged in an indoor pool, his mouth fully covered by the surface of the water.

Todd added in a follow-up tweet, "My lips are now underwater," seemingly closing the book on any more tidbits regarding "Marvel's Spider-Man 2." Naturally, the replies are still full of people asking for info on Venom or any other villains in the game. Others are posting memes and speculating about how much trouble Todd might have gotten into for spilling the beans about the release window. Thus far, Todd has not responded to any of the "Spider-Man"-centric inquiries or jokes from his followers.

It remains to be seen whether "Marvel's Spider-Man 2" will truly be out this fall, but fans of everyone's favorite webhead will be sure to keep their eyes out for a new trailer — or an errant tweet from one of its actors.