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Hogwarts Legacy: The Hardest Wand Handle To Find And How To Get It

True to the Wizarding World and the "Harry Potter" books, "Hogwarts Legacy" allows players to choose a wand that can be made from many different materials and be of many different lengths, making each player's wand feel genuinely unique. New students at Hogwarts will soon discover a way to further customize their wands and make them their own with the discovery of wand handles.


There are 42 different wand handles in "Hogwarts Legacy," and players who like lots of customization and cosmetic options will want to discover them all. Most of these handles, which come in a variety of materials and styles, can be found at random by opening chests. To fully round out their collection, witches and wizards will need to scour the world and open every chest they find, hoping to get lucky and discover handles. However, there are a few handles that can't be found through simple exploration and looting.

Some wand handles can only be earned by completing specific quests. This makes some handles notably more difficult to obtain, and one, in particular, is arguably the hardest to get ahold of.


There are a total of five wand handles that can't be looted from chests and require completing quests. Of these, three are fairly simple to obtain. Completing Gobs of Gobstones, Flying Off the Shelves, and E-Vase-Ive Manoeuvre will award three different handles, and all these quests are a simple matter of collecting or destroying objects. Meanwhile, completing Brother's Keeper will award another handle, but while this quest does involve combat, the battle isn't too difficult. The quest for the checkerboard brown handle, however, will involve a significantly tougher fight, making it likely the hardest to find.

Get the checkerboard brown handle by defeating the Absconder

To obtain the Checkerboard Brown wand handle, which features a simple yet elegant pattern on smoothed wood, players need to complete the Absconder Encounter quest. This quest can be obtained from the merchant Edgar Adley in the hamlet of Aranshire, which lies due east of Hogwarts on the other side of the lake. Speaking to Adley will task the player with heading to a cave in the Forbidden Forest to recover a pocket watch. Along the way, students will need to defeat a giant spider known as the Absconder.


Simply following the minimap will lead players to where they need to go — but taking down the Absconder won't be as easy. Players will want to have their best spell loadout prepared and should consider bringing some potions and offensive plants, like the venomous tentacula, to help. Staying on the move, dodging its charge attack, and throwing everything available at the Absconder will eventually bring it down and open the way to the pocket watch. Bringing it back to Edgar will complete the quest and award the wand handle.

From here, players can equip it and have the honor of casting spells with a wand featuring the toughest-to-obtain handle in the game.