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Resident Evil Village's Creepy Baby Mod Returns For RE4 Remake

"Resident Evil Village" got lots of mods that were creepier than the game itself. Now, one such mod is making a return of sorts in the new remake of "Resident Evil 4." 

For "Resident Evil Village," JTegh developed a mod that replaced Chris Redfield's head with that of the baby Rosemary. This made Chris look either ridiculous or disturbing, depending on one's personal perspective, and was a hit with players, being downloaded over eleven thousand times. Apparently inspired by this success, JTegh has given the "Resident Evil 4" remake the same treatment and is bringing baby heads to the new game. With the aptly named Baby Strikes Back mod, Leon S. Kennedy is now on the receiving end of the baby head treatment and — based on images — it's at least as creepy as the original. 


If anything, this new mod may even surpass the "Resident Evil Village" version in how unsettling it is. While the original mod lacked eye movement, this new one gives Leon a baby head that not only doesn't move its eyes, but it also doesn't blink. While the mouth moves when talking, it otherwise has only limited facial movement with dead, staring eyes. This should become the stuff of nightmares for more than a few players during their quest to save Ashley Graham.

Mod was made for the 'crazy people' who liked the original

JTegh is clear in his description of the mod that he made it for fans of the original. He proudly explains that Baby Strikes Back exists solely "because 10,000 of you crazy people downloaded it for RE8." Given that, at the time of writing, over 200 gamers have already downloaded the new mod, it seems that the "crazy people" are eager for more.


With the "Resident Evil 4" remake already receiving positive reviews from critics, it won't be surprising if it attracts more attention from modders and things get even creepier and more ridiculous in the coming months. JTegh has already developed another mod that gives Leon his noir-style clothes from the "Resident Evil 2" remake, and "Resident Evil 4" has already gotten over 50 mods on Nexus Mods from other developers — before the game even releases.

"Resident Evil" fans and those in the modding community will definitely want to keep an eye on JTegh and "Resident Evil 4" in the coming months. There's no telling what will be added or changed next.