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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Easy Way To Beat Salazar Boss Fight

The highly anticipated remake of "Resident Evil 4" is finally here. As players make their way through the 15-20 hour campaign, they're already in need of assistance getting past some of the game's challenging bosses, which include the likes of Ramón Salazar.

Salazar is the only "RE4" boss who basically stays still during his boss fight, as well as the only one who players will really want a ranged weapon to beat. This boss fight represents the conclusion of a player's journey through the castle portion of the game. Though "Resident Evil" fans will know Salazar from the original "RE4," there's been plenty of conflicting dialogue around his new appearance, as well as altered dialogue to heighten the seriousness of his scenes. His boss battle is plenty vicious, neatly matching his new demeanor.

Luckily for players, beating Salazar is fairly straightforward. After progressing through the aptly-named Salazar Castle and encountering the enemy in a few fleeting moments, it's finally time to face him. Ranged weapons are key to get shots in between dodging Salazar's attacks. Just because he's standing still doesn't mean his acid spray is easy to avoid, so players need to keep moving or find some handy cover. 

Beat Salazar through strategic shooting and dodging

Salazar merges with a monstrous plant for this fight, packing an extra punch. This carnivorous creature's weak spot is its big, yellow eye, so players are well-advised to aim here until it shrivels up. That's not the end of the fight, however. Once Salazar is grounded, he gets more desperate. The same strategy of dodging Salazar's attacks applies, particularly by positioning oneself strategically behind a pillar on one side of the room.

Players can sneak shots in the middle with any long-ranged weapon of their choice, whether a rifle, grenade, or even the $30,000 Rocket Launcher that makes this otherwise lengthy battle a quick affair. This ultra-powerful weapon is available in the Merchant's shop right before the boss showdown. It's up to players if the price is worth the saved effort, but it's by far the easiest way to win. The Butterfly Magnum also does nicely.

Whichever weapon you choose, this battle is doable and fairly straightforward, so long as gamers go in with full stock of ammo and take advantage of the items that can be scavenged throughout from boxes, barrels, and even blobs Salazar hauls at players as the battle heats up.

Taking down Salazar is rewarding not just in helping players move further into the story of "RE4," but also thanks to the 50,000 pesetas he drops upon his death. All in all, he's a force to be reckoned with due to his high health count and plant monster assistance, but he's not a boss that will keep careful players stuck for long.