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Fans Are Split Over This Resident Evil 4 Remake Character

The "Resident Evil 4" remake is almost here. And Capcom has done all it can to give the horror survival classic a next-gen look. But it's not just the graphics that are changing. Capcom has rewritten dialogue and altered cutscenes to give players a fresh experience. Gameplay elements are also being changed, with the unpopular quick-time events getting ditched — much to fans' delight. But not all of these changes have pleased gamers.


For example, fans were disappointed to discover that the "Resident Evil 4" remake includes the apparent death of everyone's favorite dog. Another character that Capcom has controversially altered for the remake is Ramón Salazar. Gamers will remember Salazar as the Spanish nobleman who is a member of the Los Illuminados cult. This character was particularly memorable due to their unique appearance, as they look like a short elderly man, despite being only 20 years old. However, it was recently revealed that the creepy nobleman looks much different in the remake. And not everyone is happy with the redesign.

Ramón Salazar is a grandma now?

Capcom recently gave IGN one final look at the "Resident Evil 4" remake to drum up hype for its quickly approaching March 24 release date. And in one of the videos, IGN makes a side-by-side comparison of Salazar's cutscene in the remake and original. Not only was the character's dialogue changed significantly, but they also got a makeover. But it wasn't exactly a glow-up. Some fans on social media felt that this new Salazar looked more like an old lady than a prematurely aged nobleman. 


As a result, many urged the developers to return the old Salazar. On the other hand, some liked the approach Capcom took with the remake and felt it was a good idea to reinvent the character. Of course, most of the internet did what it does best by endlessly joking about the situation, with many comparing the new Salazar to a Queen Elizabeth II or Mozart. 

Anyone think that RE 4 Salazar looks like Mozart? from

To the disappointment of many, the Salazar cutscene dialogue was also altered. Leon no longer gets to blurt out his corny yet iconic "No thanks, bro" line when asked to hand over Ashley. This alteration appears to be another example of Capcom trying to create a more grounded and serious experience for the player by cutting out some of the more outlandish aspects of the game.