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Resident Evil 4 Remake: Easy Guide To Survive Verdugo Boss Fight

The "Resident Evil 4 Remake" has finally launched, and players are joining critics in what's so far considered a general enhancement of the original title. Back in the remake are some of the favorite and most fearsome bosses from the original "RE4," including the creepy, clawed monster Verdugo.

In Chapter 10 of "RE4 Remake," players will find Verdugo haunting an underground lab with his uniquely unsettling morph of bug and human form. Verdugo is the Spanish word for executioner, and this mutated insect boss certainly lives up to the name with its deadly prowess. Similar to the original game – as well as the boss fight with Salazar — Verdugo in "RE4 Remake" has high health, requiring players to go in armed with plentiful ammo and healing tools on hand.

Beating Verdugo is totally doable — though some players might choose not to since the battle is actually optional. A quick dash off to the elevator and Verdugo is out of sight, out of mind if that's what players prefer, but the elevator does take a moment to arrive, necessitating some survival tactics even for escapists. But, for those out for blood, beating this bug boss is non-negotiable. Here's how to do it.

Freeze Verdugo for victory

Destroying Verdugo isn't rocket science, but it is a lot easier with the Rocket Launcher, which makes the fight a lot quicker due to its superpowered capabilities. Otherwise, players will take an attack and dodge strategy with a weapon of their choice, similar to other boss fights in the game. Verdugo can penetrate the environment and attack unexpectedly through the floors or ceiling with his claws and tail, so players are well-advised to stay on the run and on guard. In fact, a quick run-through of the battle area is key, so players know where to escape and where to access nitrogen canisters.

Activating nitrogen canisters is crucial to winning, as setting them off near Verdugo will freeze the beast, which makes it susceptible to damage. This is different than the original "RE4" version of Verdugo, who took triple damage while frozen but still took damage without being frozen. In other words, freezing Verdugo is no longer recommended but required for victory. To activate the nitrogen canisters, players simply hit the red button beneath the glowing green lights throughout the battle area. Just be careful: It takes a moment for the canisters to activate, so don't retreat too far, or Verdugo may miss the gas.

For players who choose to fight Verdugo, ammo conservation, patience, nitrogen, and frequent dodging are key to success.