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The Hogwarts Legacy Trophy Completion Rate That Makes No Sense

There seems to be a strange inconsistency in the rate at which players earn certain trophies in "Hogwarts Legacy." "A Forte for Achievement" is an award given to players once they reach level 40 in the game. It takes a long time for players to get to this point. The experience point system in the game primarily rewards them for exploration and completing tasks rather than simple combat. Most players won't be able to reach the higher levels until after they've made it through most of the story and dedicated a significant portion of their time to hunting down and gathering the impossibly large hoard of collectibles scattered across the grounds of the ancient school of witchcraft and wizardry. So, maxing out the player's character level and getting to level 40 is definitely a grind.


The "Savvy Spender" trophy, on the other hand, is awarded to players for spending all of their talent points. This should occur at roughly the same time. Players unlock their first talent point at level five and then continue to accrue one point per level until they reach level 40, for a grand total of 36 talent points. These points allow players to enhance spells and refine their abilities. They are a key component in the game's leveling system.

That's why it's so strange that a significant number of people seem to be unlocking the "A Forte for Achievement" trophy and not the "Savvy Spender" trophy.

People aren't spending talent points for some reason

Reddit user farmerjohnington first pointed out the strange incongruency, posting a clipped screenshot from a "Hogwarts Legacy" trophy tracker that showed that 5.4% of players have claimed "A Forte for Achievement" while only 5.0% have collected "Savvy Spender." That .4% disparity might not seem like much compared to the total number of "Hogwarts Legacy" players, but it's actually a significant percentage of those who've managed to reach level 40. Along with the screenshot, farmerjohnington asked, "who are the 10% of absolute psychopaths that grinded all the way to Level 40, but couldn't be bothered to spend their last Talent Points[?]"


All I wanna know is, who are the 10% of absolute psychopaths that grinded all the way to Level 40, but couldn't be bothered to spend their last Talent Points
u/farmerjohnington in

Many of those who commented on the Reddit post seemed to be among those that reached the highest level but didn't feel the need to continue spending points and came to answer the OP's question. Some of them argued that there were a number of useless skills that didn't merit the use of Talent Points. Others seemed to have maxed out the build that they were going for and simply didn't know what to spend the few points they had left on. Many players seemed to agree, however, that they could get more than powerful enough to handle anything the game could throw at them well before spending their last Talent Point.