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Why Resident Evil 4 Players Are Getting Trolled Into Shooting The Lake

The "Resident Evil 4" remake has given lots of older gamers who loved the original a chance to experience the adventure all over again. For many players, however, this is their first trip through the game, and this makes them prime targets for a bit of friendly trolling from those who already know all the secrets. In particular, many newcomers are being tricked into shooting the lake in Chapter 3 and suffering the negative, though certainly interesting, consequences that come with it.

In forum posts, player reviews on Steam, and even videos passing themselves off as offering tips and tricks, practical jokers are urging others to head to the lake in Chapter 3 and fire some rounds into the water. Often, these posts are accompanied by promises of rewards or other secret bonuses. What those who fall for this trick do unlock, however, is a secret of the painful kind: Instant death. 

No rewards for shooting the water

For those not in the know, and who don't mind having the surprise spoiled, shooting the water will not, in fact, unlock any reward. Despite what some on TikTok may say, attacking the poor, defenseless water will not award a new outfit for Leon. It won't even award an achievement or trophy. Instead, it will cause the monster that resides in the lake to leap out and immediately devour the unfortunate player. While shooting the water in the Xbox 360 and PS3 release of the game could earn an achievement or trophy along with a watery death, the remake offers nothing but the fun of discovering the Easter egg to soothe the pain players feel when defeated by a giant fish — er, salamander — whatever Del Lago is.

Some may find it worthwhile to shoot the water anyway just to see what happens and, hopefully, some players who were tricked got a laugh out of it after the shock wore off. Based on comments in videos that are promoting the hoax, there is a tongue-in-cheek tone to the whole trick, and it all appears to be in good fun.

For those who were frustrated by the experience, they can possibly take solace in the fact that they'll get to settle up with the killer fish in a later boss battle and will even unlock an achievement or trophy for finally defeating it. Anyone who wants to avoid an encounter with the lake monster before this point, however, should not take the advice of anyone promising riches for shooting the lake. Just admire it from a distance and leave the water alone.