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Pokemon Go: Spotlight Hour Weekly Event Schedule And Guide (April 2023)

While "Pokémon Go" may have lost 80% of its playerbase within months, it's still a popular game. As Season 9 ends, with another month comes another set of "Pokémon Go" Spotlight Hours — happening every Tuesday night at 6pm to 7pm local time, these weekly events spawn a horde of one featured Pokémon while providing an incentive bonus effect for the entire hour. Though they don't last quite as long as Community Day events or come with as many exciting bonuses like exclusive moves, increased incense and lure durations, or special after-hours raids, Spotlight Hours can provide a hefty boost to any player farming stardust, experience, and/or candy on a much more regular basis.


With Season 10 of "Pokémon Go" — "Rising Heroes" — gearing up with its seasonal challenges and events, you won't want to miss out on any chance to get your team rosters ready to tackle the increased Team Rocket GO encounters as well as the returning Elite Raids. There will be four Tuesdays in April 2023 to watch out for, featuring Exeggcute, Shellder, Trapinch, and Tangela. 

April 2023 Spotlight Hour Pokémon and bonuses by week

The Spotlight Hour featured Pokémon and bonuses for April 2023 are as follows:

  • April 4: Exeggcute, 2x Catch Candy 
  • April 11: Shellder, 2x Transfer Candy 
  • April 18: Trapinch, 2x Evolution Experience 
  • April 25: Tangela, 2x Catch Stardust 

Tthe first two weeks are great opportunities to grab extra candy — although the first week's haul will be somewhat restricted by the featured Pokémon's massively increased spawn rates choking out most other regular spawns during the hour. Given that Exeggcute — and its evolution, Exeggutor – doesn't really make it to the top of the list of powerful raid counter pokémon, this might be a Spotlight hour you're better off skipping — unless you're a big fan of the little eggs, or hunting for a shiny, of course.


As always with Transfer Candy and Evolution Experience bonuses, the second and third weeks can give you some massive boosts if players prepare well enough in advance. Using the in-game tagging system, trainers can set up pools of Pokémon to be mass transferred or evolved during the Spotlight Hour for big gains. Make sure to use a Lucky Egg on April 18 for an incredibly easy half-level jump — or even a whole level-up — with enough evo-ready 'mons prepped to go. If players have enough storage space, saving up most of the Pokémon they caught for the first week's bonus is an easy way to be hitting those multipliers.