Resident Evil 4 Remake: Blue Medallion Locations In Chapter 1

The "Resident Evil 4" remake received praise from critics for honoring the original while expanding and improving on it significantly. Of course, the game isn't perfect, and there are a mix of good and bad changes that developers implemented. Arguably one of the worst changes is the expansion of Request side missions, like the one that tasks players with finding and destroying the Blue Medallions.


First becoming available in Chapter 1, this Request is worth it for the valuable Spinel it rewards, but it can be a pain to track down and destroy all those medallions. Many gamers will likely be frustrated by how much it slows their progress and holds up the story. While most players will want to push through and finish it for the sake of the reward, they'll likely wish it could go a little faster.

Fortunately, tracking down the Blue Medallions can be quick and easy if one knows exactly where to look. With a guide to precise locations, Leon can take out the Chapter 1 Medallions in a snap and then move on to more pressing business.

Chapter 1 locations

There are a total of five Blue Medallions in Chapter 1, scattered around the village farm. None of the locations are particularly hard to get to, but players will have to contend with enemies along the way and some of the Medallions are cleverly hidden.


The first medallion is found on the northeast side of the farm, sitting on top of the wooden fence near where it meets the large boulder. Simply scan the fence for signs of blue and fire away.

The next can be found in the south of the farm, on the shack with a typewriter in it. The medallion is stuck to the wall of the building on the outside. Walking around the house and looking just above Leon's eye level will reveal it in no time.

After that, players should head to the barn at the center of the farm. This Medallion is easy to miss as it's hanging from the ceiling. If a player looks up, however, they'll have an easy target. Looking through the barn window reveals the medallion most easily.

From the barn, players should head southwest to a small hut. Inside, they'll find the fourth medallion.


Finally, players should go to the west of the farm and head inside the pig building. Like the barn medallion, this one is hidden up high. Again, looking up to the ceiling is the answer and players will spot it resting on a beam.

It won't be easy making it to all these locations while fighting through villagers but, with foreknowledge of their hiding places, players can shoot the medallions on their first pass instead of having to backtrack and hunt later.