The Resident Evil 4 Remake Boss You Can Kill With An Egg

"Resident Evil 4" offers players a few ways to build Leon's strength back up after a particularly rough tussle with the game's monsters. He can combine conveniently-placed herbs to create health potions, use a bottle of First Aid Spray, and even kill and eat snakes that try to attack him in the wild. Occasionally, Leon will even luck into some eggs left behind by startled chickens. Eggs serve a dual purpose in "Resident Evil 4," acting as both aid and offense. Leon can either gobble them up to replenish a bit of health, or else chuck them at weaker enemies for a brief stun. Some players have also taken to using them to pester Ashley and the Merchant, just for funsies.


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But Gold Chicken Eggs are even more rare. They can be found in a two specific locations: One is in a Hidden Coop on the far end of the lake. The other is bizarrely locked inside an ornate box in the castle's throne room. It's recommended that players turn in the Hidden Coop egg to complete a specific Blue Note Request for the Merchant, but the other can be used to quickly end a particularly nasty boss fight later in the game. Here's how you can use a Gold Chicken Egg to annihilate Ramón Salazar in just a couple of hits.

Salazar is no match for the power of the Gold Chicken Egg

The fight against Ramón Salazar can be a challenging affair, especially if your ranged weapons are low on ammunition. However, Leon doesn't even need to worry about proper weapon maintenance if he's got a Gold Egg or two on hand. Just like in the original version of the game, chucking an Gold Chicken Egg at the transformed villain will severely injure him, causing Salazar to fall to the ground and open himself up for a finishing attack. At that point, players can use whatever close range weapon they like, be it a shotgun or submachine gun or even a grenade. If you've got two of these powerful eggs, then you can even use the second one to send Salazar to his grave and end the fight hilariously fast.


Streamer Larxa gained a great deal of attention on Twitter for using this exact strategy, noting that one egg apparently wipes out 70% of Salazar's health. Oh, and she was playing on Hardcore difficulty, so this strategy isn't just relegated to the easier modes.

So in your next playthrough of "Resident Evil 4," just make sure to hang onto at least one Gold Egg. It'll make short work out of one of the franchise's nastiest villains.